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Alec is a pagan mercenary soldier who Diane de Poitiers hired to be Bash's bodyguard and instructor. He made his first and only appearance in Sacrifice.

He is portrayed by English actor Daniel Fathers.

Season OneEdit

In Sacrifice, He helps Bash train to defend himself and fight his enemies to keep his throne. When he and Bash are fighting for training he beats Bash by pulling a blade to his neck telling him to learn to expect blades he can't see or it will be the last thing he ever learns.

When a woman tries to attack Bash while he's in the throne room Alec tackles her to the ground and removes a blade from her hand. He later bribed a guard to release Isobel Derant. He then joins Bash and Mary and shows them that the blade scraped him and was poisoned.

Alec leaves the castle with Bash, Mary and Isobel to get Isobel to somewhere safe. Since Isobel went into labor all four of them set up camp until the baby is born. When Isobel, Bash and Alec are inside the tent Mary comes in telling them the pagans have marked them for dead. When she tells them she tore the pagan symbols outside Alec reponds by saying "you did what?" then puts a cloth over the lamp. When the blood vult begins to swarm around the tent Alec, Isobel and Bash begin chanting a pagan prayer and Mary realises that Alec and Isobel are pagans. He then witnisess the birth f Isobel's baby, not long after her death. When they retuned to court Bash struggled to cover up Isobel's death so Alec helped him.


Alec is a hard and wise teacher wanting Bash to succeed but not willing to go easy on him either. He is also an intelligent, determined and strong man.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Alec is an older man presumably in his early to mid forties. He has a bald head, and if he were to have hair it were to be dark brown. He has a brown eyes and a bit of a scruffy beard.




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