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Alice is an English servant tasked with serving Lady Lola while she is held captive at English Court by Queen Elizabeth.

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Season ThreeEdit

In Succession, Alice tidies up Lola's suite after Queen Elizabeth burns her dresses. Lola muses about the Queen's relationship with Lord Dudley and the accusation that he murdered his wife, but Alice defends them, stating that Lord Dudley is a kind man, and his wife, who was cruel to the servants, could have been murdered by anyone. She then assures Lola that Elizabeth's and Dudley's relationship is true, and it's not right that the world is against them.

Lola discovers a red wig in Alice's bag, and accuses her of stealing it from the queen. Alice denies it, informing Lola that she is delivering the wig as a favor to a friend who used to work at the palace. Confused, Lola asks if the wig has something to do with the Queen. Alice denies it, but tells Lola that it has to do with someone close to her.

She takes Lola to spy on William as he beds a courtesan and pretends she is Elizabeth.


Alice cares very deeply for the Queen, and is loyal to her and her country. She is a bit of a gossip.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Alice has shoulder length brown hair and green eyes.


Queen Elizabeth: Her Queen

Lady Lola: Her friend

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Season ThreeEdit


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