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This article is about the Reign character Amy Dudley you may be looking for the Historical figure Amy Dudley.
Amy Dudley
Reign-Amy Dudley2
Biographical Information
  • Lady Dudley
  • Deceased
Cause of Death
  • Suicide (jumped from a balcony)
Killed By
  • Herself
Relationship Information
Portrayed By
First Appearance
Last Appearance

Amy Dudley was the wife of Robert Dudley. Amy was concerned over her marriage as Robert spent much of his time with Elizabeth and rumors suggested that their friendship was more then just that. Despite these rumors, Amy fought to keep her marriage alive, even against impossible odds.

Early LifeEdit

Throughout the SeriesEdit

Season ThreeEdit


Physical AppearanceEdit

Amy was a young woman in her late twenties, and had blond hair, and blue eyes. Amy wore clothes that befit her status as a noble.


In French the meaning of the name Amy is: Dearly loved; Beloved. It is from the Old French Amee, which derives from the Latin amatus meaning loved.




  • Historically, the death of Lady Amy Dudley remains a mystery. On September 8, 1560, Amy Dudley was found dead at the age of only 28 at the bottom of the stairs at Cumnor Place; the home she was staying in while Robert was in at Court.
  • Historically Robert mourned and wore black for 6 months after his wife's death, and this devastated him.

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