Anne Boleyn
Biographical Information
  • Lady (formerly)
  • Queen Consort of England (formerly)
  • Deceased
Relationship Information
  • Henry VIII (husband)
  • Elizabeth I (daughter)
  • Mary Boleyn (sister)
  • George Boleyn (brother)
  • Mary Tudor (step-daughter)
First Appearance
Last Appearance

Anne Boleyn was the second wife of King Henry VIII, a marriage that lasted three years until he had her beheaded for wanting a new wife. She was mother to his second daughter, Elizabeth I.

Early LifeEdit


Throughout the SeriesEdit

Season One Edit

In Inquisition, Catherine's cousin Pietro de' Medici mentions to her about the time when some of King Henry VIII's wives practiced laying their head on the chopping block before their execution.

Season Two Edit


Season Three Edit

Anne made her first and only appearance in To The Death, when Elizabeth has another nightmare about her mother's death.

Season Four Edit

In Highland Games,



Name Edit

Anne is a cognate of the Hebrew Hannah (gracious, full of grace), which is from hannāh, chaanach (grace, gracious, mercy). In medieval Christian tradition, Anne was the name assigned to the mother of the Virgin Mary, as Joachim was assigned to her father.

Physical AppearanceEdit



  • Henry VIII: Husband.
  • Elizabeth I: Daughter.
  • Mary Tudor: Step-daughter.



  • Anne Boleyn was the second wife of Elizabeth's father Henry VIII. She was falsely executed on May 19th, 1536 on the grounds of high treason and adultery when Elizabeth was two years old.
  • Elizabeth was declared a bastard and was not allowed to take the throne, until a few years after her younger brother Edward was born from Henry's third wife Jane Seymour who later died in childbirth, that she and her older half sister Mary were reinstated as princesses of England.
  • Pietro de' Medici says some of King Henry VIII's wives practiced laying their head on the chopping block before their execution.
    • Anne Boleyn wasn't one of them.
  • The actress who portrays her is unknown.

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