Archery Tournament
Normal reign104 0003
General Information
  • Summer 1557
  • Archery competition between Tomás and Francis

The Archery Tournament was a small competition between Francis and Tomás to see whom had the best archery skills. The point of the game was to hit the heart of the target.

During the EventEdit

Member of court gathered in the courtyard to watch as Francis and Tomás competed to win the competition between the two. Tensions at the event were high as Tomás had now become Mary's new fiancé causing jealousy within Francis. At the tournament Simon was accused of having told the English about the French ships leaving for Scotland, he is put under arrest. Mary and her ladies discuss her engagement to Tomás, she's then swept away by her uncle Claude who updates her on the negotiations to have her released from her previous engagement to Francis.


  • The target was modelled after Clarissa.


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