Basilica of St. Denis
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Paris, France

The Basilica of St. Denis is a Medieval church located in the city of St. Denis which is a suburb of Paris, France. It was mentioned in The Lamb and the Slaughter, and many French Monarchs along with their families are buried here.

Season Two Edit

In The Lamb and the Slaughter, When Estelle asks for Mary's help in escaping from her new husband Lord Narcisse; Mary arranges for a carriage to take her to a safe location. Lord Narcisse orders a search of the castle prompting Mary and Lola to hurry with Estelle to the waiting carriage; however before she can leave a guard comes up to Mary and Lola, demanding for everyone to get out.

Mary asks the guard of there's a problem, to which the guard replies that he's been ordered by Lord Narcisse to check all carriages leaving the castle. Mary interrupts as she says that the only people in the carriage are her servants transporting the heart of the late King Henry to the Basilica at St. Denis.

The Queen further says that if King Francis knew that the sacred relic of his beloved father was manhandled by common guards, she promises that Francis will have them put in the stocks and whipped until they are dead. The guard asks forgiveness and walks away as the carriage leaves.

Notable Burials Edit

  • Henry II & Catherine de Medici
    • Their children: Henry III, Francis II, Charles IX, Margaret of Valois, & Louis, Duke of Orleans
    • Grandchildren: Princess Marie Elisabeth of Valois.

Gallery Edit

  • Tomb of Isabella of Bavaria, Jeanne de Bourbon, and 4 others
  • The Choir
  • St. Denis Nave
  • Tomb of King Louis XVI & Queen Marie Antoinette
  • Tomb of Louis XII, and Anne of Brittany
  • Tomb of King Henry II & Queen Catherine de Medici.
  • Tomb of Robert the Pious & Constance of Arles
  • Tomb of Charles I of Anjou
  • Tomb of King Francis I and Queen Claude, Duchess of Brittany

Trivia Edit

  • The family of Louis XVI is also buried here: his wife, 3 of their children, his parents, and siblings.
  • The coronation of Queen Catherine de Medici took place here on June 10, 1549.
  • The church contains a Valois Mortuary Crypt which has the tombs of members of the House of Valois.
  • The other crypt contains the tombs of members of the House of Bourbon.
  • French Monarchs have been buried here since the 10th century.
  • The coronation of Archduchess Elisabeth of Austria (wife of King Charles IX) took place here on March 25, 1571.

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