The Battle of Solway Moss was a battle between England and Scotland that took place on the English side of the Scotland-England Border on the 24th of November, 1542. It is an event that took place before the Pilot but was however mentioned in the episode Liege Lord.

On November 24th, 1542 a Scottish army of between 15,000 and 18,000 men advanced into England. They were met by Thomas Wharton and his around 3,000 men. On the Scottish side 1200 men were drowned after being taken prisoner and 20 killed. There were 7 casualties on the English side.

Season OneEdit

In Liege Lord, Mary Stuart mentioned the fact that Lord McKenzie had fought alongside her father James V at the battle of Solway Moss. Lord McKenzie described it as being Hell on Earth. He also mentioned the fact that afterwards James crawled back to Scotland sickly and died.


  • Historically, James V didn't attend the battle as mentioned in Reign.
  • Lord McKenzie described it as being hell on earth.

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