Bean Queen
General Information
  • Spring 1558
  • A contest where the castle servants try to find a bean hidden in a giant cake to win Bean Queen

She wears my mother's crown, the finest clothes and spends the day ordering servants around. By dawn she has a hundred ducats, a pile of gifts but she is a servant girl once more.

The Bean Queen was a contest for the castle servants, the winner got to be the queen of France for a day.

During the Event Edit

In Monsters, the court holds a contest of "Queen of the Bean." A giant cake is wheeled into the throne room and the servants gather round. Whoever finds the bean hidden in the cake gets crowned "Queen of the Bean" a kitchen servant named Penelope finds the bean and Queen Catherine takes off her tiara and crowns her Queen of the Bean. The "Queen" quickly attaches herself to King Henry and together they poison Queen Catherine after Penelope tells him that the Queen threatened to kill her if she didn't kill Henry first. 


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