Boating Party
General Information
  • Summer of 1557
  • To celebrate the end of summer

The Boating Party is a celebration held at French Court to celebrate the end of summer. This event occurred during the third episode of the series, Kissed.

During The EventEdit

The party begins in the throne room while everyone is dancing Catherine and Nostradamus discuss his prophecy. Mary notices Tomás and then asks Francis if he's been able to secure ships to go to Scotland's defence when he says he tried his best she leaves and joins her ladies. Not long after Mary sits down, Henry tells Nostradamus to tell Mary, Greer, Lola and Aylee's fortunes. After some hesitation he begins reading their fortunes; he tells Lola she'll meet a dark and handsome stranger, he tells Mary that she will face her troubles with grace. When all of a sudden he begins muttering the lion will fight the dragon in the field of poppies. Greer then begins to ask her question and he tells her that she'll fall in love with a man with a white mark on his face, he then tells Aylee she'll never go home. Upset Mary confronts Nostradamus about his visions.

Francis and Mary begin to dance and discuss the current situation with France refusing to help Scotland defend the English. When they are talking Tomás interrupts them and asks Mary to dance, while everyone watches. After Sebastian asks Francis jokingly "why don't you dance like that?" Francis replies with "shut up". Greer walks away from the throne room looking upset and Mary follows her out to console her. When Greer argues with Mary a little she walks out and Francis comes to talk with Mary. When he asks what the dance was about Mary tells him about Tomás' proposal offer. That is France won't help her then she will have to accept the proposal.

The party later resumes outside by the boats. When Henry extends his hand out while looking at Kenna she moves towards him when another woman takes his hand and they board a boat, leaving Kenna confused and annoyed. Francis and Greer watch Mary and Tomas walking to board one of the boats together. Fireworks then erupt into the sky when the boats take off onto the lake. Upset Kenna walks down a corridor and sits down with Bash telling him his father is a confusing man, Bash agrees.

When Tomás and Mary are on one of the boats she tells him she needs proof of his legitimisation if they are to wed. He tells her that she doesn't need to wait for confimation form Portugal, that he we'll send ships to Scotlands aid by tomorrow. Upset of Mary and Tomás being so close Greer hides in the kitchen and Leith walks in and she suddenly starts crying.

Kenna and Bash talk about Henry, he tells her that Henry isn't punishing her he's playing her. Upset about the possibility of loosing Mary Francis asks his father if there is any possibility if France helping Scotland. Henry seeming annoyed by the conversation until Francis threatens him, he then feels proud and tells him he'll let Francis help Mary. Francis then tells Bash to send a message for ships to board to leave for Scotland. Bash leaves at once to deliver the message.


  • Catherine and Nostradamus
  • Mary asks Francis if he convinced his father to help Scotland
  • Mary notices Tomas
  • Tomas notices Mary
  • Mary joins her ladies at a table
  • Henry tells Nostradamus to tell Mary and her ladies' fortunes
  • Nostradamus tells them their fortunes
  • Mary confronts Nostradamus
  • Francis and Mary dance
  • Tomas and Mary dance
  • Greer watching Mary and Tomas dance
  • Francis watching Mary and Tomas dance
  • Mary and Tomas at the end of their dance
  • Bash teases Francis
  • "I love this Portuguese music!"
  • Greer is followed by Mary when she leaves the throne room
  • Greer upset at Mary
  • Mary feels bad for Greer
  • Francis joins Mary
  • Mary tells Francis about Tomas' proposal
  • The party resumes outside
  • Kenna confused by the kings rejection
  • Mary and Tomas prepare to board a boat
  • Kenna and Bash agree on Henry being confusing
  • Bash gives Kenna advice
  • Tomas tells Mary he'll send ships to Scotland right away
  • Greer goes to return the basket and is joined by Leith
  • Greer begins to cry
  • Francis impresses Henry
  • Francis tells Bash to deliver a message
  • Bash leaves to deliver the message

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