Burgundy House
General Information

Gambling House


Paris, France

The Burgundy House is a place that offers gambling, alcohol and prostitution, it is run by Maurice Bicett. It is located in Paris and appears solely in the episode Royal Blood.


  • Francis, makes a stop at the Burgundy House when he leaves French Court. After he's told that Bash will be legitimized and wed Mary.
  • Lola, goes to the Burgundy House to pay off her brothers gambling debt so that he may leave.
  • Fredrick, goes to the Burgundy House to gamble and is eventually stuck there since he can't pay his debt.

Season OneEdit

In Royal Blood, Lola arrives at the Burgundy House were she meets her brother Fredrick, she asks him to whom he owes money to. Maurice turns around and tells her she owes the money to him. After she hand Maurice the money she and Fredrick try to leave but a guard stops them. Maurice tell her that her brother also tried to cheat and for that she must pay him with sex. She tries to secure their freedom by giving him another sum of money which he refuses. Francis then walks in and tells him he'll give Maurice four times the debt if he can play for Lola. Maurice agrees and they play a card game of chance when Francis looses he tells Maurice he'll give him eight times the debt. Maurice then tells him he'll accept sixteen times the debt Francis agrees and they play again, this time he wins. He and Lola retreat to his room were they talk before eventually sleeping together. Next morning they say their goodbyes, and before they leave Maurice tells them about the queens execution and asks them to throw a coin he hands them at her. When Francis learns of the news he decides to return to court with Lola.


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