Catherine and Richard
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Richard and Catherine used to be secret lovers, and he is still in love with her.



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Before Pilot

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Megan Follows and Greg Bryk

You have my heart... No man has ever cared for me like you.
Catherine to Richard about her feelings for him in Inquisition

The relationship between Catherine and Richard. The relationship began before the pilot when they began having an affair and ended when Henry II orders his death. Although Catherine loved Richard, she loved Henry more.

Early History Edit

Catherine and Richard met before the Pilot it unknown exactly when since Henry and Richard where friends since childhood. Some years after she was wed to Henry, unable to get pregnant she felt isolated and turned to Richard for comfort and they began an affair. Sometime into the affair Catherine became pregnant with Clarissa, she kept the pregnancy secret since she knew that the child was Richards and not her husbands. When Clarissa was born she had a birthmark the same as her fathers therefore Catherine sent her to a doctor to get it removed.

Years after Catherine banished Richard from court so that Henry would not become suspicious of their affair. The story was that she banished him because he called her an Italian mule.

Season OneEdit

In Inquisition, Richard returns to court he pretends to help find evidence to find Catherine guilty of adultery but in reality he's there to protect her. When she enters the throne room and Henry tells her that Richard will be the one gathering evidence against her she tells Richard that it takes a special kind of vindictiveness to kill a woman over a petty slight, he responds "you exiled me from court". She tells him he shouldn't have referred to his queen as an Italian horse and he says he called her an Italian mule. They pretend to fight so that Henry will not grow suspicious of them.

Later she and Richard meet in secret and he lets her know that the witnesses have been cancelled, she breathes a sigh of relief. They run into each others arms and share a long hug. thanks him for everything he's done to keep them safe. She tells him he's the only man she's never lied to.

The next day Catherine and Richard are brought into the throne room to face Henry now that he knows of their affair. When Richard is pulled out of the throne room to be executed he tells Catherine that he's sorry he couldn't save her, that is the last time they see each other.


  • Though in the show it's revealed that Richard and Catherine had an affair, and a child; historically there is no evidence of this. Catherine never would've had an affair as she was in love with Henry, and for Queens adultery was a highly treasonable offence punishable by death.


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