Charles Schuler
Normal reign203 0566
Biographical Information
  • Duke
  • Protestantism
  • Alive
Portrayed By
  • David A. Jansen
First Appearance
Last Appearance

Charles Schuler is a German Duke whom arrived at court during Mary and Francis' Coronation. He wanted to make a deal to release prisoners for grain.

He is portrayed by David A. Jansen.

Season TwoEdit

In Coronation, he arrived at court with the intent to release people that had been imprisoned by Henry II for being Protestants. He first went to Mary to offer a deal of the release for grain, Mary told him she'd let the King know.

Later when he is about to leave, he's told by Mary where to find the prisoners so they may be released. When he returns to the Tent City, in anger he says the prisoners weren't there and they found evidence of torture. He and his men state that they are going to look for the prisoners themselves.


He is a very frank and abrupt man, who has no time to deal with non-sense. He also has a quick temper easily becoming angry or frustrated with the French when things didn't go his way.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Charles is an older man whose hair and beard has begun to turn grey. Due to his status as a Duke he always wears very high end and detailed clothing, made from expensive fabrics.



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