Claude's Welcoming Party
Normal reign207 1169
General Information
  • Welcoming Princess Claude back to court

Claude's Welcoming Party took place at the end of the summer. It was supposed to be the yearly Boating Party, but they changed it when Claude surprisingly returned to court.

During The EventEdit

At the celebration, Mary and Louis try to find a Protestant Lord to openly declare his faith and challenge the Religious Edict. Meanwhile Francis mentions the threat of an English spy who would be carrying the Cypher to the nobles. In order to set Narcisse up to be framed for being a spy.

Later, Claude asks Francis, while observing Kenna how she and Sebastian ended up together. He explains to her how the King forced them to when he was mad. When Claude begins to antagonise Kenna, Francis defends her, saying that she is a good person and truly loves their brother. Meanwhile, Catherine warns Mary about Louis seeing as he is a Bourbon and his family are competition for the throne. Mary then joins Louis to try and convince Lord Cane to publicly declare his faith.



  • It was actually just the annual Boating Party, it was used to welcome the Princess' unexpected return.

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