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In the season premiere, while on route to the North to get on a ship sailing to The Netherlands, Condé runs into Francis and Lola. Francis tells him he looks familiar, he tells him his name is Louis and they are cousins many times removed. He takes Francis and Lola back with him to a makeshift camp in the woods. He welcomes Stéphane Narcisse, reluctantly. Telling Francis after the truth about how Narcisse got so powerful. Later that night he tells Francis, about his mistress and gives him advice. Telling him he should go back to Mary and have Lola and the child go on the boat to the Netherlands along with Louis' mistress.

In Drawn and Quartered, Francis introduces Condé to Mary and says he saved them. Mary thanks him and Louis says it was an honor.

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Condé finds what the man stole.

In Coronation, he first attends the celebrations at the Tent City. He is approached by Mary and Greer who abruptly judge him for being with a courtesan. Tired of being judged for his ways, he politely excuses himself from the conversation. When a peasant stole a box and started running away. He stopped him only to find that the man stole a chicken and vread to feed his starving family. A few days later, he again attends celebrations at the Tent City. When Charles Schuler arrives angry at the fact that the prisoners he was promised would be released were missing. He's later confronted by Mary who knows he was the one whom released the prisoners. Due to the fact he was helped by the same courtesan as she has seen earlier. He tells her it was because the ship he sent his lover on was taken siege by the Germans. So he took the German prisoners to make a deal with Duke Schuler himself. Mary tries to convince him to return the prisoners back to the castle. He later folds and returns the prisoners to the castle. Later that day, he's joined by Mary who thanks him for returning the prisoners and she lets him know his lover has been freed. Conde tells Mary that her that she went back to her husband and children.

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Conde and Mary at the ball.

In The Lamb and the Slaughter, goes to court to talk with Francis about The Riders, who had tormented a shepherd in the village. He's told by Francis to go see the King's deputy and find the shepherd together. When they arrive they're told by the shepherd that the riders offered him a mark to protect him and his family. In return for him to renounce his faith and god.

The next day after he returns to court, he runs into Mary on his way to the christening. He notices she looks in a large amount of pain, and helps her back to her chambers. When they get there he notices blood running down her leg, when he points it out she tells him she's losing her child. At the christening, he watches Mary with empathy in his eyes. After the christening is done, he tells Francis that he should go check on his wife, for she didn't look well the last time he saw her. Soon after, he and Bash return to the shepherds home - only to find it has been ransacked and the family slaughtered. The shepherd tells them the devil took hold of him and he murdered his own family.

In Blood for Blood, Louis arrives in the throne room to find the body of his deceased nephew Emile, who had been killed by the Catholics. He asks Francis if he'll rule like his father and prosecute Protestants or be tolerant of their fate. He's told by Francis that the guilty party will be dealt with. Later that day, Narcisse brings a boy who can't see or walk claiming that Emile threw at rock at him so hard it caused it. Louis however, refuses to believe that his nephew would do such a thing. Later, he and Mary talk further about the tension between Protestants and Catholics. He also shows her that he has the Mark of the Riders, which he doesn't believe in. He and Mary then go to interrogate the men who attacked the Protestants, playing good cop, bad cop.

In Three Queens, Louis joins the search for Mary and Catherine whom have gone missing. Along with Francis and the others, they find the two Queens by the end of the episode.

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Conde and Mary

In The Prince of the Blood, Mary comes to Condé about her latest plan which is to find a Protestant noble and have them speak out against the edict, which she believes will cause the other Protestant nobles to join the cause. Conde isn't comfortable with the idea of naming names and forcing people to risk everything, but he agrees to help Mary, nonetheless.

During a boat party thrown for Claude, Conde points out a nearby Protestant nobleman to Mary and goes to chat with him. The following day, Narcisse brings the edict and just as it looks as if no one would stand up, Conde falsely confesses to being a Protestant, a move that stirs the actual Protestant nobles to step forth and object to the nature of the edict. Francis uses this power to delay a decision on the edict. However, later on, Francis signs the edict, leading Mary's plan to fail.

In Terror of the Faithful, Conde is captured by Protestants. Jacob Bravel, their leader, claims he wants an audience with the King and Queen to get them to show mercy on the Protestant population. Conde assents reluctantly, and brings a pastor from their congregation to French Court. Conde’s advocacy leads Francis to agree to rebuild the pastor’s church, which the Catholics burnt down last week, but when the pastor speaks on his own behalf, he threatens to start a war killing Catholics by setting off explosives planted somewhere in the kingdom if the Inquisition doesn't stop within two days. As Protestant uprisings continue, Conde and Mary plot. Conde thinks that the Protestants want the pastor to be killed as a martyr for their movement against the Catholics. Bash and his men only find decoy powder kegs filled with sawdust, confirming Conde’s suspicions. Mary and Conde rush off to free the pastor, just as Francis’s torturer snaps his spine on the rack. Conde along with Francis and Mary see the Protestants hang the pastor upside down, crucified on a cross in the main square, inciting a riot amongst France’s people.

In Acts of War, proposes a political marriage between Princess Claude and Louis Conde of the Bourbon line. The match between a prominent Protestant prince and French Catholic royalty would serve as a gesture of goodwill to the divided kingdom. After a few scenes laden with innuendo, and some matchmaking by Mary, Claude and Conde agree to be wed.

During a party, Conde asks Mary if they should wait for Francis to come back to announce the engagement. She says no and says she believes in Francis no matter what. She says the best marriages are based on certainty and faith in the other. Mary claps her hands to get attention. She says with the king’s blessing, she’s announcing the marriage of Francis’ beloved sister, Claude to his good friend, Louis Conde. Louis looks unhappy and leaves the room after getting some congratulations. He leaves in a hurry later that evening, leaving only a note for Mary.

In Mercy, Conde returns upon hearing about the attack on the castle. Francis asks him to speak with the leader of the Protestant movement he had just met. He speaks with him and tells him of Hugo, who was blackmailed into funding the attack. Both went to Hugo but found him dead and strung up, apparently having committed suicide to escape interrogation and torture. He went to deliver the news to Francis but found Mary instead. When she told Mary, she insisted that he bring her to Hugo's wife, which he eventually obliged to. Together, they went to see the wife, who revealed the drop off point. Again, Conde agreed when Mary insisted that they go to the house where the men would be expected to pick up the money. Upon arrival, the men soon arrive, and Conde witnesses the exchange between Mary and her rapist, much to his surprise. Mary then burns the man and asks Conde to kill the rest and leave them there to die. Conde then tells Mary that she can trust him with her secret and then tries to comfort her about her standing.

Later, Conde's Protestant brother, Antoine, arrives and confronts Conde, revealing that his task at court was to befriend Francis, find out what kind of king he was, and report back to him—reports which have grown infrequent. Antoine wonders about his relationship with Mary, which Conde immediately denies. Antoine then reasserts his confidence that Conde's loyalties must lie with his family. Elsewhere, Mary finally reads the letter he left for her the night before—the letter wherein he confessed that he had fallen in love with her.

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