Coronation of Prince Charles
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General Information
  • Winter 1560
  • Charles is crowned King of France

The Coronation of Prince Charles, took place in Succession

During the Event Edit

Earlier that day, Queen Catherine is seen happily decorating the throne room and overseeing all the festivities that will be held to celebrate the coronation of her son King Charles. The Queen Regent is told that her plans are beyond extravagant; however Catherine says that since the mourning period for her son Francis has passed she wants to showcase the House of Valois in all it's glory.

Soon after; Catherine encounters Lord Narcisse, and hands him a speech for him to read at the coronation feast to honor her and compliment her on her job so far as Regent of France.

Before the ceremony begins Charles asks Mary to take a special place in his coronation, and at first Mary declines but when Charles mentions Francis and his coronation with Mary; she happily accepts his offer. Later Mary gives Charles a handkerchief, which was the same one that Francis used when he was crowned King. Mary tells Charles that Francis always carried it with him because his hands would sweat when he was nervous, and if he carries it then his hands will be dry; Charles smiles as he happily accepts the gift.

A short time later, the ceremony begins and the procession heads into the throne room. Catherine is by her son's side as Mary comes behind them. Charles kneels before the Priest as the ring is put on his finger, and the crown is placed on his head, officially making him the new King of France. The new King then gets up and sits on his throne as he looks at the orb and scepter in his hands; he then looks at Mary who curtsies before him.

Later the feast takes place to celebrate the newly crowned King Charles of France, and there is much music, dancing and merriment. Narcisse reads the speech which honors Catherine for being a champion of France and for being a defender of the realm. Narcisse concludes his speech by having the room give her a toast; Charles toasts his mother and looks happy and relieved that she will be by his side.

Trivia Edit

  • Charles' coronation takes place in Succession
    • Historically, Charles was crowned King of France on May 15, 1561 in the Reims Cathedral at the age of only 10.

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