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This article is about the Reign character Don Carlos you may be looking for the Historical figure Don Carlos.
Don Carlos
Don Carlos2
Biographical Information
  • Spain (originally, currently)
  • France (banished, formerly)
  • Prince of Asturias
  • Alive
Relationship Information
  • Mary, Queen of Scots
Portrayed By
First Appearance
Last Appearance

Don Carlos is Spain’s sexy and charming prince. With aspirations to become a good king and very specific sexual taste, he will prove a point of intrigue and desire for the royals. He is banished from the French court by Catherine de' Medici, for trying to lead Mary into a trap.

Early LifeEdit

Throughout the SeriesEdit

Season ThreeEdit

Don Carlos arrived at French court after previously addressing the Austrian court in his search for a wife.

Mary suspected his focus on his luggage from Austria and investigated to find a "sex horse" which Don Carlos used for masochistic acts, and requested Mary to try.

Mary, unsure of this, asked Catherine for help. Don Carlos was blindfolded whilst on the contraption but heard Catherine in the background, he panicked and was left with wood impaled in the back of his head.

He stumbled out into the corridor and recovered slowly with the aid of a physician in the French court. Don Carlos now has a speech and cognitive impairment due to his brain damage.

Season FourEdit


Don Carlos has an eccentric personality. Mary describes Don Carlos as humorous, charming, and kind. He craves adventure, excitement, masochism and likes inflicted pain.

Physical AppearanceEdit

  • He has brown hair and a beard.


  • Elizabeth I of England was originally advised to court Don Carlos, he was invited to the English Court where their courtship swiftly ended once Don Carlos requested to check that Elizabeth was not a man. A rumour that had been circulating court.
  • He was previously engaged to Mary Stuart, until their wedding was cancelled a few hours before.



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