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Ferdinand, Archduke of Bohemia is the brother of the late Cecelia, Archduchess of Bohemia. He made his first appearance in Dirty Laundry, when he goes to French Court with his sister and was to marry Kenna.

In Season Four, he goes to England to propose to Elizabeth I and she agrees to marry him. Ferdinand asks for them to have a serious relationship, and not strictly for politics.

He was portrayed by actor Jonathan Higgins in Season One, while in Season Four he was recast and played by actor Steve Byers.

Season OneEdit

In Dirty Laundry, Ferdinand and his sister wound up at court when a problem with ships left them there. Ferdinand not being married and titled attracted the attention of Kenna whom was looking for a husband. They spent time together. Later when they were together and Ferdinand had his back turned away from the window. A body fell from a window on the floor above them. Kenna screamed. Rushing to find out that it was his sister.

Catherine and Henry II later tell him that his sister had been with a lover and committed suicide by jumping out of the window out of shame. Leaving a suicide note behind to explain the situation. Ferdinand doesn't believe what they tell him, believing his sister would do neither of those things. Also since his sister never learned to write and therefore couldn't have written that letter. Catherine quickly tells him that his sisters lover wrote it for her.

Season FourEdit

In Dead of Night, Ferdinand visits English Court as a means to marry Elizabeth I. Ferdinand took Elizabeth on a four-hour carriage ride, but she tells Gideon Blackburn that he is sweet and kind, but does not want to marry him.


Ferdinand was very defensive at the taught of his sister sleeping around. Showing that he cares very much about appearances but also his sister not wanting to tarnish her reputation. Also a little naive not believing his sister would something that she actually was.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Ferdinand is a man presumably in his mid to late thirties. He has light brown hair with a receding hairline. He has light blue eyes and pale skin. Being an Archduke he dresses in very detailed and fancy clothing one would expect from a Noble.




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