First Light Banquet
General Information
  • Spring of 1558
  • Banquet for people to find a suitor or lady

First Light's keeping everyone busy. Loads of special cakes and tarts being ordered as gifts. I suppose it takes more than an impressive candle to catch a lady's eye these days.

The First Light Banquet is a celebration that takes place so that individuals may find a suitor or lady. If a man wishes to court a woman he gives her a candle and if she accepts the courtship she lights the candle in her window.

During The EventEdit

Kenna walks into the party asking to speak with Catherine, when she allows it Kenna tells her that the king has murdered a woman. Kenna brings Catherine to the body, Catherine tells her to lie about the death and cover it up.

Mary and Lola arrives at the banquet, and Mary points out Philipe Nardin to Lola the man Mary thought would make a good suitor for Lola. Mary watches as Lola walks over to count Nardin and introduces herself to him. Francis tells Mary its not the man he would have picked for her, Mary assumes he cares because he slept with Lola.

Philipe and Lola go for a walk and talk when all of a sudden Philipe tells Lola that he likes her and that she's beautiful. He hands her a candle and Lola tells him he'll have to look in her window to see if the flame of love burns.

Greer is approached by Leith who tells her that Lord Castleroy has a table set up for two and would like for her to dine with him, she accept and follows Leith to the room. Leith serves them while Greer and Lord Castleroy eat. The Lord suddenly catches, Leith grabs a blanket and put the fire out.


  • The Banquet
  • Kenna tells Catherine about the body
  • Catherine goes to check on it
  • Catherine tells Kenna to cover up the death
  • Philipe Nardin
  • Mary tells Lola about the suitor she chose
  • Lola introduces herself to Philipe
  • Mary gets baby advice from a servant
  • Francis interupts them
  • Francis tells Mary he wouldn't have chosen Philipe for Lola
  • Philipe give Lola a candle
  • Greer is approached by Leith
  • Leith serves Greer and Lord Castleroy
  • Lord Castleroy catches fire
  • Leith puts the fire out

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