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They call us the Flying Squad. We're trained and polished and sent to sleep with important noblemen, and report back to her. Haven't you ever wondered why she knows so very much? It can't all be from servant gossip.
— Charlotte to Mary Stuart in Liege Lord

The Flying Squad is a group of beautiful young women that Catherine de' Medici had trained in manners of sophistication. She sends these women to go and sleep with various men for information in which they later report back to Catherine. This is one of the ways Catherine knows at all times what's going on at French Court.


Season OneEdit

In Inquisition Lady in waiting Charlotte tells the Queen that she, and 2 other ladies: Danielle, and Janet have been spying on Mary and Bash as they have been ordered.

In Liege Lord Charlotte informs Mary that Queen Catherine ordered her to seduce Henry to get him away from Penelope. Later she tells Mary about the secret clause in the marriage contract between her and Francis. In return Mary helps Charlotte escape the castle so she can leave for Scotland.

In Toy Soldiers Catherine has Penelope imprisoned after she catches her in a lie about being pregnant with Henry's child; but rather than leave her there, the Queen offers her a chance to be trained as a member of her flying squad: her ladies/friends whom she trusts not. Penelope is sent to a noble family in Italy where she can learn manners etc.

In "Higher Ground" Queen Catherine orders Beatrice to keep her visiting cousins Hortenza & Roman comfortable. Later Hortenza reveals that the Queen ordered Beatrice to spy on her.

In Long Live The King, Gabrielle was sent by Catherine to sleep with and retrieve information from Christian de Guise.

Season Two Edit

In Blood for Blood Catherine finds Marie being questioned by Kenna & Lola about the identity of the mystery lover in the sex journal, Catherine gives Marie permission to go, and Kenna says that they thought one of her Flying Squad might know who the mystery lover is.



  • In "Toy Soldiers" Queen Catherine tells Penelope that the Flying Squad are her ladies as well as friends of hers and that she doesn't trust any of them.
  • In "Higher Ground" Beatrice is revealed to be a member of the Flying Squad as Cortenza de' Medici accuses her of spying for Catherine.
  • In Blood for Blood, Marie is revealed to be a member of the Flying Squad after she is questioned by Kenna and Lola about the sex journal.
  • Historically the real Catherine de Medici had a group of notorious female spies that she called "The Flying Squadron"
  • Historically Isabelle de Limeuil who was Maid of Honor to the real Queen Catherine and mistress to Louis Conde was a member her "Flying Squadron".

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