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Biographical informations
Home French Court, France
Title Dauphin of France

King Consort of Scotland

Status Alive

Mary Stuart (wife)
Catherine de' Medici (mother)
Henry II (father)
Sebastian (half-brother)
Elisabeth (sister)
Charles (brother)
Henry III (brother)
Clarissa (half-sister)
Claude (sister)
Marie de Guise (mother-in-law)
Claude de Guise (uncle-in-law)
Duke of Guise (uncle-in-law)
James Stuart (illegitimate half-brother-in-law)
Kenna (half sister-in-law)

Portrayed by Toby Regbo
Seasons Season One
First Appearance Pilot
Latest appearance Liege Lord
I don't make love to you because I want a baby, I want a baby because I love you.
— Francis to Mary, in The Darkness

Francis, Dauphin of France, King Consort of Scotland (French: François) is one of the male leads of Reign. He is the 16 year old Prince of France, now King of Scotland, the son of Henry and Catherine, the brother of Elizabeth, Claude, Charles, and Henry Jr., the half-brother of Sebastian and Clarissa and Mary Stuart's husband and the father of an unborn child with Lola. He is also his mother's favorite child. When he found out that his father was to legitimize Bash and he would lose everything including Mary he decided to leave court for a while and enjoy his new found freedom. When he returned to the French Court, Francis was able to reclaim the throne and got to marry the love of his life, Mary, Queen of Scots. He is portrayed by the English actor, Toby Regbo

Early LifeEdit

During childhood, he and Mary were playmates together at the French Court. Mary mentioned always chasing after Francis when they were young. In the episode Pilot, we see flashbacks of him and Mary playing with feathers and running up the stairs. Mary whispers to him, "Francis is a girl's name" and they keep running up the stairs laughing.

Season OneEdit

Francis with his mother.
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At Mary's arrival, Francis is walking out fast to greet her but pauses in a moment so fast but it is apparent that her beauty has fixated him. Later, Francis is seen making knives and swords. He tells Mary that he wants to have his own skill, something that he is good at. Mary charms Francis with her own accomplishments, that she can milk a goat and cut peat for fire. Good skills to know, Francis allows, in case there’s ever an uprising in France they’d have to do something to get by. She is quick to respond that she’d take him back to Scotland and he could rule with her there with her. Francis hopes he’ll never have to take Mary up on that. Mary comes to see him again then realizes he's with someone and learns of Francis' straying ways.

After Francis' sister's wedding, Mary and the girls begin dancing and having fun which causes Francis to watch her. Bash and Mary share an intense look that Francis catches. Then feathers rain down and spark a memory for both Francis and Mary of jumping on a bed as children and feathers exploding from the pillows. They remember the good times they shared and are about to dance together before the bedding ceremony begins and interrupts their thoughts.

Mary and Francis
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Later, Francis confronts Mary about his concern for his country outweighing his happy memories of playing with Mary as children. He believes an alliance with Scotland could ruin France and doesn't want to jump into a marriage with Mary yet. Mary, however, is more concerned about Francis' feelings about her. She begins to ask him if he would want her if they weren't royals, and there was no stake in their marriage. He almost kisses her but he refuses to get caught up in love.

Francis reign-31
Francis watching Mary and Simon.
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In Snakes in the Garden, Francis, who tells Mary they must play up their romance for the sake of the Englishmen at court, so they’re none the wiser of just how weak the French-Scottish alliance truly is. The next day, Mary and Francis are watching Charlie and Madeleine play a game and Mary tells Francis just what his mother is up to. Francis' immediate inclination is to distrust Mary’s suspicions, since he can’t imagine his mother trying to have Mary killed. Francis has a certain inherent faith in his family, and in the honor of the royal station, such that he can’t conceive that Mary would come to harm while under their protection, much less from those tasked with protecting her.

Later, Francis, who has joined Mary, determines that the assassin must have absconded with the body of the dead woman, and sends the guards to search the castle and the grounds. Mary wonders if the assassin could have left through the passage in her room, and shows Francis the door she discovered. He says that he doesn’t think so, since most of the passageaways are dead ends since the castle has been built up, but says he’ll have the guards check them anyway.

Francis later confronts his father, demanding to know whether they are planning to let Mary go or if they are going to have him eventually marry her. The King says that Mary isn’t safe in England, and isn’t wanted in Scotland unless she comes back with a husband and so she shall stay put in France, waiting for The King to determine whether or not he wants her to marry his son. Francis is highly irritated by this news, and says that it’s completely unfair to Mary and that she is a girl, not just a pawn. When Francis goes to see Mary, she holds his hand and thanks him.

Outside, Francis has caught up with Bash who has found Colin hanging from the tree. Bash guesses it’s the French guards who have caught up with Bash, but Francis reminds him that their guards wouldn’t hang a prisoner that way. As they begin to attempt to cut Colin’s body down from the tree they hear a rustling in the woods. Bash demands to know who’s there, and then speaks in an unknown language. Later, Francis stands up to his mother and gives her a warning about trying to murder Mary.

Frary mv83qy3Odk1rxl507o5 1280
Francis and Mary
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The next day, Francis promises to keep Mary safe, not simply because his family is tasked with protecting her, but because he cares about her far more than he’s willing to admit. He commits himself to Mary and adds that they should at least try to start out as friends, and Mary happily agrees.

In Kissed, Francis tries to get his father to send troops over to Scotland to help the Scottish defend themselves from the English, who have just sent a bunch of men to the Scottish-English border and are obviously looking to start a fight. Francis has no luck getting his father to agree to send troops to aid Scotland, and Mary, who is desperate for aid for her country, has just been proposed to by Tomás, the bastard son of the king of Portugal and who might be decreed legitimate by the pope in the coming days and become next in line for the throne of Portugal, and she is considering his proposal, even though she loves Francis and wants to marry him, because he has offered to send troops to Scotland if she agreed to marry him.

Cori11Added by Cori11

Tomás' marriage proposal to Mary makes Francis fight even harder towards convincing his father to send men to Scotland. Francis realizes how to convince his father to aid Scotland when he sees Kenna look at the king after she ran up to him and was rejected- Francis was going to black mail the king, his father. Francis approached the king and told him it would be a shame if Francis' mother, the queen, and the king's mistress found out that the king had another mistress, since their is already enough tension and jealousy between his wife and first mistress already. Francis then tells his father that if he sends troops to Scotland's aid then he won't tell the women about his new mistress. The King agrees and states that he is proud of Francis for thinking like and acting like a king. The king then tells Francis that he will need to send the best rider in order to get there in time, and the best rider it turns out is Bash.

Frary 103
Mary and Francis kiss for the first time.
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Francis then sends Bash off; but Bash comes back near the end of the episode with a sever stab wound and is near death. Francis feels guilty for having put his brother in harms way because he had let his emotions for Mary cloud his judgment. Mary then approaches Francis and tells him he did the right thing. Francis and Mary then kiss. However, Francis then tells her that she should agree to Tomás' marriage proposal and help out her country.

Normal reign104 0056
Francis vs Tomas in archery.
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In Hearts and Minds, Francis and Tomas engaged in an archery contest. On the field, Tomas does a bit of showboating and Francis does his best to be polite. Tomas wins the competition and Tomas offers Mary a flower. She takes it because it would be rude not to, but it probably comes off as rude anyways to the crowd who think she’s there as Francis’ fiancé. Mary goes up to Francis later to apologize, and he states that he’s pretty sure it was a calculated move on Tomas’ part rather than an error in etiquette. Mary also tries to tell Francis that she wishes she could stay, but he cuts her off because hearing it wouldn’t make him feel better. He regrets that, were it not for Bash being ambushed, Mary wouldn’t have to go. The King gets a message and stands, drawing everyone’s attention. He accuses Simon who was trying to intimidate Mary of being the spy who caused the ambush against Bash and their men and has him apprehended.

In Bash’s room, Francis watches over his injured brother and his mother comes in to talk to him. Catherine worries that Francis is blaming himself for what happened to Bash, but he’s done with that. He’s decided he was right in the decisions he made last week. The only person he blames for the ambush is Simon. Francis shares his frustrations about the other result of the ambush – Mary needing to rely on Portugal because France could not be there for her – with the queen and she does not immediately turn sour at the topic of Mary. She says Francis has a good heart and praises him for trying to love his future wife (she only wishes his father could do that). When Francis starts saying that his instincts are telling him not to trust Thomas and expresses concerns about what might be waiting for Mary in Portugal, then Catherine tells Francis to just let Mary go. He doesn’t listen to her.

Francis and Mary secret meeting.
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Mary and Tomas eventually go public with their engagement, and Francis tries his best to be okay with Mary’s inevitable departure to Portugal. To make matters more complicated, Francis is clearly still into Mary, surprising her with a kiss during a secret meeting in the woods to discuss whether Tomas is really the gentleman he presents himself as.

Bash is on the road to recovery. He seems a lot better when Francis visits him to discuss the things he’s been finding out about Tomas. Once rumors start circulating that Tomas murdered his first wife, Francis makes it his business to be up in Tomas’s, creating further friction between the two men. Tomas walks in on the conversation to spout more about Mary belonging to him. Francis asserts that Mary is a friend of France and her wellbeing will always be his concern. Before he leaves, Tomas pretty much says that if they hear about Mary dying it will be because he killed her. Francis tries to attack Tomas, but Bash manages to stop him. Once Tomas is gone Bash says that if Francis doesn’t kill him, he will.

Francis has found out that getting a queen to marry him was one of the conditions of Tomas becoming his father’s legitimate heir. Bash makes the statement that if he hadn’t been ambushed then France would be helping Mary and she wouldn’t need Portugal. Everything clicks then for Francis. If Bash hadn’t been ambushed then Mary wouldn’t be engaged to Tomas and Tomas would still be unable to become king of Portugal. Francis confronts Tomas with the conclusion they drew earlier about Tomas being the spy. He’s able to get Tomas to leave Mary alone for the moment, but he doesn’t have any proof yet.

Francis vs tomas
Francis kills Tomas.
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Francis and Mary quickly discuss how to go about attaining that proof. They decide that both Tomas’ servant Miguel and the prostitute who lied for him earlier will be their witnesses. Francis and Bash go to find Miguel, but end up finding out from Lola that he’s gone to the woods with Tomas. They decide immediately that Tomas is probably going to kill him. In the woods, Tomas prepares to kill Miguel. Francis and Bash get there in time to save him, but it’s not an easy victory. It’s two on one, but Bash is still weakened from his injury. The brothers pull it off and Francis ends up with Tomas at the end of his knife. Tomas threatens that there’ll be war if he dies and Francis makes reference to an execution, not falling for the threat. Tomas moves as if to attack again and Francis kills him. Francis’ hand is visibly shaking when he reaches down to help Bash up. He seems eager to put the matter behind him and get back to stop Simon’s execution, but Bash makes sure to take a moment to remind his younger brother that it’s good that killing Tomas affected him. If it hadn’t he’d be just as bad as him.

Mary, Francis and Bash arrive then with Tomas’ body and their two witnesses.

Later, after some negotiating, Mary and her friends talk about how well the talks are going. They’re interrupted by Francis coming to borrow his fiancé. Mary is a bit in awe over Francis killing someone to protect her. She’s impressed by his judgment in a lot of matters, from how he handled the Tomas situation to how he understood they couldn’t go too far during their secret make-out session. He says his heart is telling him to be with her regardless of the consequences, but she knows and respects that his head says differently. He thinks that she’s a great queen and she thinks he’ll make a great king.

FrancisMary 1052
Francis and Mary
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In A Chill in the Air, in the palace, Francis wants to talk politics with Mary but she doesn't want to think about the idea and wants to talk about their personal relationship. Francis, who’s apparently in a good mood today, okays that. They playfully tell each other how they feel, although in a teasing, roundabout way, and then they kiss. Later at the Harvest Festival, Francis gives Mary a boat he made for her. As their moment is interrupted, Francis is reunited with Olivia. Once Olivia is feeling better, she tells Francis what happened to her. It is also revelaed she’d left court to marry another, but she the marriage fell through because her intimacy with Francis was found out. Francis tells Mary about Olivia how they were found together in the boathouse. Francis tries to reassure Mary that he only has eyes, and feelings, for her now. Of course, Mary, being the sweet girl she is, understands that Francis has to help Olivia.

Francis tells Bash about the pagan attack, and that he believes they’re luring people into the forest. Francis admits that he did talk marriage with Olivia, but it was a mistake and now he’s committed to Mary. Mary thinks it’s best that Olivia go stay at some Viscount’s estate in Paris. Olivia goes to visit Francis and brings wine. Francis tells Olivia that he’s sending her away. Olivia tells Francis that she still has feelings for him. Francis tells her that he only has feelings for Mary. Francis tells Mary that the Viscount has rescinded the offer and Olivia is no longer welcome to stay there. Mary asks him what’s really going on, and he tells her that he ‘stopped it’. She wants Olivia gone. Francis puts his foot down and says she’s staying. All the hurtful threats, she tells him he’s like his father, he threatens to take Olivia as his mistress. After Mary runs off, Francis goes to look for her and finds her kissing Bash. Mary apologizes to Francis. Sadly, Francis doesn’t seem to accept and he goes right to Olivia.

Bash Francis 106
Bash and Francis
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In Chosen, Francis and Olivia head over to meet King Henry’s carriage as he returns from Paris and talk about Mary’s honesty/fidelity and Olivia’s own feelings for Francis. Mary, spotting Francis waiting next to his mother, tries to talk to him about their argument, but Francis still acts cold to her. Bash brings Francis and Mary away to tell them of his concerns with the Pageans. and they make plans to keep Mary safely away from those who would harm her. Francis makes a few thinly veiled comments about secrets, trying to get the other two to come clean with him about the kiss, but neither Mary nor Bash tell him what happened.

You didn't listen!
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The next day, when Mary wakes up, she’s got a freshly severed stag’s head hanging above her bed. Francis angrily tells Bash to fix this no matter what. Francis and Mary finally air out all their secrets, with Francis telling Mary that he saw Mary and Bash kissing. His issue seems to be more complicated than simple jealousy; Francis knew Bash had feelings for Mary but he didn’t know they were “sacrifice a human in the woods” levels of feelings, and he doesn’t like that their kiss might lead Bash into becoming into a murderer. In the morning, Bash returns to the castle to tell Francis and Mary that the debt is paid. Francis takes that opportunity to remind them that he and Mary are to be rulers, and that they can’t allow feelings like anger and jealousy to cloud their judgement. He knows that the position he and Mary are in is an awkward one (he can’t marry her unless it’s right for France, and if a better offer comes along for Mary then she needs to do what’s right for her country) so he tells Mary that in the meantime, if she needs or wants to be with other people, then he accepts that. So long as it’s not Bash, of course. Then he rushes off to be with Olivia.

Normal Reign S01E07 Left Behind 1080p KISSTHEMGOODBYE 0132
Francis playing with Charles
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In Left Behind, Francis and Charles practice dueling with forks, which, to Francis, might as well be called dinglehoppers. Mary launches into a tirade about how painful it is to watch him and Olivia prance around. Later, Catherine and Francis welcome the Italian Count Vincent. Count Vincent, Francis, Catherine, and Mary drinks some wine and engage in an incredibly awkward conversation in which the Count recounts how his son was taken hostage a few years ago and the high price he had to pay to free him. When he learns King Henry is returning, he is pleased to hear he won’t be showing up soon. Francis tells Mary to go upstairs, but a guard makes it clear she shouldn’t make a single move. The Count is clearly up to no good. He claims he’s come for payback for his son, who died shortly after his release. Then, as all good villains do, the Count reveals how he’s been plotting to takeover the castle.

Francis tries to get the Count to take a fortune of money, but the Count is being difficult. So Catherine offers up Mary as payment. Francis offers himself up for ransom instead, a far more appealing offer to the Count as he'd rather have the heir of France as a bargaining chip. Mary later clues Francis on a plan to get everyone out of the castle, but he doesn’t want to go along with it because he wants to make sure she gets out first. Mary gives a touching speech about trusting him to lead their people to safety and how he must trust her to get herself out. And then they kiss.

Tumblr mxe3zom2qg1rbxriso4 250

Francis goes into the escape plan into motion by killing Italian body guard. Olivia, who’s been assigned the duty of standing in the creepy tunnel to open the passage door for everyone, tries to get Francis to take her with him, but he insists she stay behind to ensure Mary’s safety. She’s still not thrilled about it and reluctantly stays put.

Later as the Count almost rapes Mary and almost kills Catherine, Francis appears and he along with Mary kill the Count. He hugs Mary and takes her ladies-in-waiting to the infirmary. Mary confronts Francis in a fit of emotional rage and asks why he didn’t follow through with the original plan. His answer? “Because I love you.” The episode ends with them deciding to make love.

Normal Reign S01E08 Fated 1080p KISSTHEMGOODBYE 0559
Franics asks Mary to marry him
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In Fated, Francis awakes with Mary in bed the next morning after having slept together. They discuss thier futures together. When a guard suddenly walks in Mary hides and the guard tells Francis that the cardinal from the Vatican is in the throne room. When he and Mary enter the throne room where Henry announces that Mary is the rightful heir to the English throne and that Francis and Mary will be wed a soon as possible. He and Mary then join Henry and Catherine to discuss the mater in private. When he and Mary are walking outside, he asks her to Marry him and trick his father into believing Mary will lay a claim to the English throne when in reality she would just be saying so to Marry Francis. When she accepts they kiss and he twists her in the air in joy. When Mary starts to pull away from Francis, he's surprised as she was full of joy just moments before. He doesn't know that the cause of Mary pulling away from him is that Nostradamus predicted there marriage would be the cause of Francis' death. When Mary enters the throne room and says that she will not lay claim to the English throne before her and Francis have a chance to get married. In confusion Francis pulls her aside and asks her to explain why she is planning to leave France.
Normal Reign S01E08 Fated 1080p KISSTHEMGOODBYE 1852
Francis heartbroken of Mary leaving.
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When he says that he doesn't believe her reasons and that he loves her she repeats what he told her in the Pilot, that "Love is irrelevant to people like us". Francis panics and still doesn't understand but he tells her to wait for him as he settles things with his father she agrees. When he comes back for her, he sees her riding away from the castle with Sebastian, his heart is crushed.
Normal Reign S01E09 For King and Country 1080p KISSTHEMGOODBYE NET 0542
Francis arguing with Catherine.
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Francis has been searching for his brother and fiancée for the past week in For King and Country. Francis arrives back from his latest search and informs Catherine that the only reason he went this time was that he received word of Mary being sighted in a nearby village. As not many citizens of France have laid eyes on the Scottish queen, though, eyewitness accounts aren't the most reliable and it turns out that this sighting in particular was of a girl not more than 10 years old. Francis, seeing Catherine's hand in the disappearance of his betrothed, is bound and determined to bring her back to court. Even though he doesn't believe the reason she left had to do with his putting the interests of France ahead of her own. Mary and Bash are returned to the French Court and he presses her on the real reason that she left. He knows she believed him when he pledged to always be there for her on the morning of their wedding and Mary confesses that when Aylee died, her heart broke, though that's not good enough reasoning for Francis.

Francis telling Mary he does not believe of the prophecy.
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Francis goes to Mary with the knowledge that though Bash's life is at stake, she still refuses to marry. Mary finally comes clean about the prophecy and Francis has the reaction that Catherine warned of - he refuses to buy into the superstition that others have, even with the vision of Aylee's death and other weighty visions having occurred in the past. Francis thinks that Mary shouldn't let fear rule her life, yet he pressures Mary about talking Nostradamus into recanting and she begs him to stop, both for his own safety and the safety of both Nostradamus and Catherine.

Later, Catherine told Francis about Mary's decision to wed Bash. Mary finds Francis beating his brother up and stops it before too much damage can be done. She takes full responsibility for the idea and Francis lays into her for taking the inheritance from him, his mother, and his brothers, claiming that Nostradamus knows nothing and that he wouldn't forgive her.

Francis corroborates and warns his mother that if any harm fell to Bash, Henry, or Mary, the second he became king, he would execute her himself. He then turns to Mary and Bash and all but gives his blessing, telling them both that he's going to take full advantage of the freedom that he acquired for the first time in his life. Mary, Catherine, and Bash have realized that they have lost Francis and their relationship with him is completely broken.

In Sacrifice, Francis is mentioned several times and it is said that Francis has left the French Court. His whereabouts are unknown.

In Inquisition, Francis is mentioned several times.

Francis 1x12 (6) FULL
Francis returns.
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In Royal Blood, Francis is shown to be in Paris after leaving the French Court. He gets Lola out of situation from a debt that her brother owes. He is shown to still be heartbroken from losing Mary. He understands that Mary wanted to protect him, but Bash has his own reason of agreeing to marry Mary. He ends up sleeping with Lola.

Later, Francis hears about her mother's impending execution and Lola lies to him about not knowing anything about it. He decides to return to the castle to stop his father from murdering his mother.

Normal Reign S01E13 The Consummation 1080p kissthemgoodbye net 0620
Francis back at French Court.
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Francis returns to the French Court in Consummation. Lola and Francis have stopped at a cottage to rest overnight. He worries that his mother may already be executed. He wants to get his mother exiled along with him and plans to go to Morocco. Lola says he’ll stand out there and he says perhaps Sweden. He says she may see him there and she says she hopes he settles somewhere and has a wife and family. They rehearse the cover story on why they will arrive together so Mary won’t know. The ladies help Mary get ready to go to the church when Lola shows up with Francis. He and Mary stare at each other. She asks why they didn’t announce his carriage. They tell Mary that they came on horseback. She tells her they ran into each other at a chateau and Kenna seems to know about the place and doesn’t seem to believe them. The ladies leave and Francis tells her that he’s only there to plead for his mother’s life and then he’ll be gone again for good and he’s not there for anything that belongs to his brother – the crown or the throne.

Normal reign113-1000
Francis with his mother and Marie.
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Catherine runs to Francis and hugs and kisses him. He tells her he’s going to find Henry and talk to him. She pulls him aside and tells him to forget all the warnings she gave him and Mary. She tells him that his fate has changed and that Mary still loves him. She asks him if he wants Mary, to save her life and the throne. She tells him to go to Mary and tell her that the future has changed and that they can be together. Marie comes up and introduces herself to Francis. She tells him to ride out and stop Mary from eloping and Bash getting his hands on everything he wants as he rushes off.
Normal reign113-1100
Francis and Bash fighting.
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Francis finds Bash and tells him he knows about the elopement. He says the prophecy has been broken and they argue. Bash tells him that Mary will choose him and Francis tells him that there relationship went beyond that and Bash said there’s did too. They are both obvi talking about sleeping with Mary but Francis refuses to believe she gave herself to Bash. They brawl. Mary rides up and tells him to stop. Francis tells her there is no more prophecy and they can be together. Bash tells her not to listen. She asks Francis what he means and he explains. He tells her to choose him or Bash. She looks between the two of them.
Normal reign113-1658
Mary chooses Francis.
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Mary sees Francis in the hall and runs to him. They kiss. She has the letter and gives it to him. It’s blank and she tells him his mother showed her what was truly in her heart. He asks if she will marry him and she says yes. They kiss again and hold each other close. Bash is drinking when Francis finds him. He tells Bash he needs to leave and never come back. He says that he had Mary but not the crown and Francis doesn’t like that. He tells him to go into exile if he wants to survive. Bash argued that he needn’t go if Francis was inclined to be forgiving but Francis says he’s not so inclined. Francis tells him what needs to be between them is distance if he wants to survive. In the chapel, the doors open and Mary walks in and down the aisle to Francis, her groom. Mary and Francis sign the marriage contract with their mothers looking pleased. Mary and Francis are man and wife. The crowd cheers and they dance their first dance as a pair. Mary smiles in her husband’s arms. They kiss as the other dancers twirl around them. After the wedding, Francis and Mary consummate their marriage.

In Dirty Laundry, Francis and Mary return to the French Court from their two month honeymoon in Paris. They are welcomed back by everyone and Catherine informs Francis that Bash has gone missing including the two guards that were suppose to escort him to a ship to Spain, were found dead. Bash accuses his brother of planning to have him killed and Francis tells Mary that he did not order the guards to kill Bash.

In The Darkness,

In Monsters,

In Liege Lord, Francis is first seen with Mary Stuart in a party. Mary and Francis share a dance but quickly take off talking to one another. They both talk about Henry II and how Penelope might have poisoned him. As they are talking they soon to dance again. When Mary finds out something very important she goes to tell Francis about it and they soon come up with something. When Mary finds the contract with Kenna's help she tells Francis to look at it. They soon come up with a plan. They plan a party for the Scottish without telling the Queen. Francis leads Lord Mackenzie's men into where Mary is. Mary and Francis tell them all about the contract and the men accept the challenge.


He's all about outer appearance, meaning he cares a lot about what others see him as. He's noble, but also has quite the reputation as a "ladies man". Oddly enough, he is patriotic about his nation of France and seeks to replenish the country. He's also quite intelligent, as he's taught himself skills to match his modern people, but is quite modest about these skills. While spending time with Mary throughout the series, she begins to have more of a positive influence on him.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Francis has sandy blonde hair and blue eyes. He is described as a handsome young man. 




  • Francis did not appear in Sacrifice and Inquisition.
  • At first he was not interested in Mary, but slowly he started developing feelings for her.
  • Francis' only true love was Mary Stuart.
  • He is in love with Mary and he would die for her.
  • He had his first kill in Hearts and Minds, when he killed Tomas.
    • It makes him the first main character to have an on-screen kill.
  • His name is related to his country, and was in honour of his grandfather, Francis I.
  • He is his mother's favorite son.
  • Francis was Mary's first kiss.
  • Francis and Mary got married in Consummation.
  • Francis has shown to be the possible better fighter due to beating Henry and Bash in a fight.
    • Bash taught Francis how to fight.


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Francis has a photo gallery.

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