A Timeline of events in the life of Francis II

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  • January 19, 1544 Prince Francis, Dauphin of France is born at the Château de Fontainebleau, the long awaited first child & heir of King Henry II & Queen Catherine de Medici.
  • January 27, 1547 King Henry II arranges the Châtillon Agreement which cemented the betrothal of his 4 year old son Francis to the 6 year old Mary, Queen of Scotland, and it is arranged that Mary come to court to live until it is time for the wedding.
  • April 24, 1558 The wedding of the 14 year old Dauphin and the 15 year old Queen of Scotland is celebrated at the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris. The couple would have no children.
  • July 10, 1559 Francis' father King Henry II dies from septicemia after being fatally injured in a jousting accident. This leaves him as the King of France at the age of 15.
  • September 21, 1559 Francis is crowned King of France in the Reims Cathedral by his uncle Charles, Cardinal of Lorraine. His reign is dominated by much religious crisis.

Scotland Edit

  • May 1559 King Francis & Queen Mary send troops to Scotland to aid Marie de Guise when England tries to lay siege to Scotland. France was back in the control of Scotland by the end of 1559.
  • July 6, 1560 Marie de Guise is forced to sign the Treaty of Edinburgh which ended French occupation in Scotland, Francis & Mary are outraged by this action, they refuse to sign and question the legitimacy of Scotland's Parliament.

France Edit

  • November 16, 1560 Francis' health begins to deteriorate, and he suffers a syncope.
  • December 5, 1560 King Francis II dies at the age of only 16 from an ear infection, an abscess exacerbates his condition. He had been King for only 17 months.
  • December 21, 1560 Catherine de Medici now the Queen Mother is named Regent of France as the new King is her son Charles who is only 10 years old.
  • December 23, 1560 Joining his parents and several of his siblings, Francis is buried in the Basilica of St. Denis by Prince of La Roche-sur-Yon.

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