Francis and Leith
Freith 220
General Information


Intimacy Level




First Met

Higher Ground

Portrayed By

Toby Regbo and Jonathan Keltz

You saved my life. I only regret that I couldn't give you a title.

The relationship between Francis and Leith. They met in Higher Ground, while on the battlefield, Leith saved Francis from nearly being killed in battle. 

Season OneEdit

When fighting another solider, Francis is almost attacked from behind by another solider until Leth steps in and saves him. As a result, Francis tells Leith he’s forever indebted to him. After gaining the trust and loyalty of his soldiers, Francis plans an explosion to kill the attacking English. While the plan was a huge success, Leith got caught in the crossfire. He suffers a shoulder injury, is bleeding from the mouth and is lying in blood-covered snow as Francis rushes to his side to save him. When he refuses Francis’ help, Francis tells Leith to fight for the love of his life. When Leith explains she’s above him and he can never be with her, Francis promises his new friend he will give him a title so he can be with his true love. Leith accepts and Francis helps him walk.

In Slaughter of Innocence, they returned from the war after taking Calais together. For his bravery and sacrifice to save Francis' life, Leith was rewarded by Francis with large lands and a good some of money. Leith was very excited and grateful to tell Greer, Francis called him his friend.

Season TwoEdit



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