Frost Fair
General Information
  • Winter of 1558
  • Winter Fair

There's a Frost Fair, in the village this morning. I want to take them, just us three. Something special to take their minds off their troubles.

The Frost Fair is a winter carnival for the village children. Since Henry and Charles weren't able to attend the real one in the village Bash set one up for them. It takes place during Royal Blood.

During The EventEdit

Mary tells Sebastian that she want to take Charles and Henry III to the village Frost Fair to cheer them up. When Mary Charles and Henry are in the carriage on the way there the carriage is attacked by angry village people so they are forced to turn back and return to the castle.

Feeling bad that his half brothers weren't able to go to the fair to have fun and escape their troubles. Bash set up his own Frost Fair for Charles and Henry. When they arrive they were all taken by surprise. Bash tells Charles and Henry to go make friends and they run into the crowd. When Bash explain why he did this Mary espresses how sweet it was of him to do so. When Bash and Mary are kissing Charles tells Mary to come help them with their masks and she leaves to help them.

When Kenna and Greer are talking about how Mary was right to keep Charles and Henry at the castle because their so happy there. All of a sudden Greer notices strange guards there. When "Charles" falls Kenna goes to help him up but when she removes his mask she realizes its not really him. In a panic, Greer and Kenna remove the mask of "Henry" and realize its not him either. When Mary and Bash heard the screaming they ask what going on and Greer tells them they can't find the prince's. Bash demands all the children to remove their masks and they realize Charles and Henry are gone. When they arrive at court Bash tells Mary he organized it so they could be taken to Spain secretly to keep them safe.


  • Mary tells Bash she wants to take the boys to the frost fair
  • Charles and Henry on their way to the fair
  • Mary tells the boys all about the fair
  • Arriving at the frost fair Bash set up
  • Mary and Charles surprised to see what Bash has done
  • Charles and Henry go to get masks
  • Charles asks Mary to help them with their masks
  • Mary goes to help them
  • Kenna and Greer talking
  • The guard that Greer notices
  • Kenna lifts the childs mask and realises its not Charles
  • Greer realises its not Henry
  • Greer tells Mary and Bash they can't find the prince's
  • Bash orders all the children to remove their masks
  • All the children remove their masks
  • Bash tells Mary the boys are safe

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