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A Trope is a figurative or metaphorical use of a word or expression. This page contains all of Greer Castleroy's tropes. Credit goes to TVTropes.

Personal TropesEdit

  • The Confidant - To Mary Stuart.
  • Defiled Flower - She didn't sleep with Leith, but when they're found kissing, her virtue comes into question and people start rumors about her.
  • Gold Digger - Subverted. She's been sent by her family to marry into wealth and nobility but winds up falling for a kitchen boy.
  • Lady-In-Waiting - To Mary Stuart.
  • Social Climber - For the good of her family.
  • Tsundere - Type B — she acts very harsh to Leith, her love interest, at first, despite being a mild-mannered lady.
  • Upper Class Twit - Discussed when she tells Leith she hasn't ever eaten an egg someone else didn't cook for her.
  • Uptown Girl - She doesn't have a title, but she's from a well-to-do family and is a Lady-In-Waiting to the queen of Scotland. Leith is merely a servant in the kitchens. They're eventually found out and separated.
  • Violently Protective Girlfriend - She attacks and quite possibly kills an Italian guardsman who tried to kill Leith.

Situational TropesEdit

  • Arranged Marriage - Her parents found a husband for her but he rejects her when she's found kissing Leith. Instead, she becomes engaged to an older count who liked her and did her favors.
  • Beta Couple - She and Leith get together with far less pomp and circumstance than Mary and Francis do.
  • Massive Number of Siblings - She has four younger sisters at home that are all relying on her to be the first in their family to marry into nobility, opening the door for them to also wed nobility.
  • Nobility Marries Money - Her goal is to find a nobleman who'll wed her for her family's money — although the fact that her family is losing its money makes things a bit more complicated. She eventually becomes engaged to Castleroy, who, by his own admission, is "too rich to care."
  • Retcon - She starts the series as an apparently "ridiculously wealthy" girl whose family wants her to marry someone with a title to finally elevate their rank out of the merchant class, and she brings enough clothes and jewelry and silver with her to show what she can offer to a titled suitor. Slightly later on, she mentions that her family wealth is starting to wane, as the mines they depend on are playing out. By the end of the season it turns out her family is close to bankruptcy. It's possible that Greer's family spent every last penny to send her off to France in style, or that they lost the last of their money in the time Greer was at court, but it's more likely that the writers felt that they needed to make her situation in life more desperate.

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