MaryLadies 101

Greer and the others at the wedding.

In the Pilot, Greer along with Lola, Aylee, and Kenna arrive in France and are reunited with Mary. The girls take a tour of the castle as they haven't been there in years. At the wedding, the girls start to dance and have fun. After the ceremony they spy on the newlyweds.

After the night when Colin wanted to rape Mary, Aylee with Kenna and Greer look worried about Mary's virtue and when they realize that Colin's dead, they try to solace Lola.

In Snakes in the Garden, Kenna, Greer, and Aylee are brought to Mary's room, where they find that Lola had spent the night crying over Colin. Mary is still worried about who could be behind the plot to take her out; the royals are still insisting that it's an English plot, but Colin saying that it's someone high-ranking at French court has stuck with her and made her think that it's someone there who remains opposed to Scotland's alliance with France.



In Kissed, Greer admits not being kissed yet, since she comes from a common family and can't afford to be looked at as used goods before meeting the man she is to marry. In her mind, he will be a tall, dark, and noble man, like Prince Tomás of Portugal, who in France to secure a trade deal. Tomás may be the bastard son of the Portuguese king, but he still has the money and land necessary to help her (and her family) move up in the eyes of society.

Later, Mary agrees to play with Charles and the two kick around a soccer ball that eventually lands in a nearby tree. Mary climbs it to retrieve the ball and looks down to see Charles gone and Greer with Tomás, who she introduces Mary to. After (literally) falling into him, Mary tells Greer that she sees why she likes him and Greer mentions the upcoming boating party, where she'll pack a picnic basket for the moonlit celebration in hopes of securing her first kiss and the prince's heart. In preparation for the boating party, Greer goes to the kitchen and begins ordering what she wants the basket to be filled with, telling Leith that she expects the best.


Greer's first kiss

At the party that evening, the king asks the seer to share his wisdom with the crowd, comparing him to Austrian leader Maximillian's own seer who uses tarot cards, and tell the fortunes of Mary and her friends. First, Nostradamus offers up fairly general platitudes to the girls before telling them their true fortunes. He tells Greer that she'll fall in love with a man with a white mark on his face. Tomás, who has a white scar on his face, goes after Mary and cuts in while she dances with Francis. Mary leaves the floor once the dance is done and finds Greer going back to her room, crying in the hallway. She thought that Mary, as beautiful and powerful as she may be, could leave Tomás to her, but Greer's feelings weren't important to the queen. Elsewhere, Greer tearfully returns the basket to Leith and the two end up sharing its contents while learning more about one another. Greer hears a story about what made Leith switch to inside work and Leith learns the type of pressure Greer is under, to marry well, since she has four sisters who need her to raise their status if they hope to find suitable husbands. Leith kisses her and she recoils, telling him that he's a servant and that this can't happen again. The next day she tells Mary she just had her first kiss. When Mary talks about getting breakfast, Greer readily agrees to go get it from the kitchen, which of course it's an excuse to see Leith. After telling the chef what she wants she looks at Leith and he says, "a beautiful day, milady" to which she smiles and walks away. As Leith gets back to work he wipes some of the flour on his hands onto his cheek, leaving the white mark that Nostradamus had forseen.

In Hearts and Minds, Greer isn't all the way done with Leith, as she meets him at the costume banquet and uses the masquerade element of the party to spend time with him.


In A Chill in the Air, Greer is busy looking for another potential suitor, seeing as how everything with Thomas fell through. Even though she obviously has feelings for the servant she has been seeing, she is still determined to wed into a wealthy family.

In Chosen, Mary invites Kenna to join herself and the others to greet Henry. Greer tells her she looks lovely and they ask her who is trying to impress. Stuttering, Mary tells them Kenna is dressed that way because she is a lovely person. Kenna enters the king’s chambers with Lola, Aylee and Greer. They are all excited about the gathering, and Greer questions whether Diane finally decided to recognize them at the castle. Kenna faces the three of them and informs them that she is welcoming them into Henry’s rooms, not Diane. They are confused, and so Kenna clarifies that the chambers now belong to her as well as the king. She tells them that she and Henry are in love, saying they were bound to find out sooner or later and she wanted to tell them herself. Greer implies that Kenna doesn’t have any need to worry since she is sleeping with the king showing that she doesn't support it.

Normal Reign S01E07 Left Behind 1080p KISSTHEMGOODBYE 0233

Leith teaching Greer to cook.

In Left Behind, Greer sits in the kitchen reading a letter her father wrote out loud so Leith can hear it. She says he’s asked if she’s met any agreeable men of fortune. Leith says her father expects a lot and she says his money comes from mines that are playing out. She says she’s only been trained to smile and dress pretty. She says she can’t even cook an egg and Leith invites her to come and take the pan. He cuddles up close and instructs her how to flip an egg. She throws it onto the floor and he laughs and says she’d be surprised the things they put back together to serve those upstairs. He tells her they should go off somewhere and they kiss.

When the castle is taken under siege, Greer is trapped in the kitchen along with Leith and the other servants.

In Mary’s quarters, they wonder where Greer is. Just then she comes in and says she thought she would be safer hiding out in the kitchen. Mary says that they have to wait to see if the Queen and the Count can strike a bargain. She says she’s no good at waiting.

During the feast, Greer comes in serving food. In the kitchens, a guard comes in and asks Leith where the girl with soft hands is (Greer) and then notices that no one is there except Leith. He draws his sword and Leith attacks him. They struggle and then when he has Leith down, Greer attacks and leaps at him. The guard slaps her hard and then chokes Leith. Greer wallops him upside the head with a skillet and asks Leith if she killed him. Looks like she did. Leith cuts his throat just to be sure and to offer her some comfort. He says now they’ll never know which of them killed him.

In Fated, Greer supports Mary eloping with Francis, quickly trying to decide what will Mary wear and such. Later, she mentions to Mary and the others that Nostradamus said Greer will fall in love with a man whom has a white scar to which she believes hasn't happened yet unknown to her that it has. Later, she is seen mourning Aylee's death.

In For King and Country, Greer is supportive of Queen Catherine, considering the kindness that she's shown them.

Greer and Kenna 4

Kenna and Greer

In Sacrifice, Greer, Kenna, and Lola visit Catherine in the tower, warning her to stop her plotting against Bash and Mary. Queen Catherine is not the one to back down. She insults the three girls one by one, calling out their weak points. The next day, Lola shows her a letter that Greer has been writing in the Queen’s hand. She says that Greer has been practicing and they have enough evidence so that Catherine's power will be taken away from her forever.

In Inquisition, Greer meets with the servant in the infirmary. She is better now but is worried because Catherine knows where Penelope's baby was taken.

While at the Frost Fair in Royal Blood, Greer along with Kenna are the first ones to notice that Charles and Henry III have gone missing. They join the search party to find the two young princes.

Reign Episode 1 13-The Consummation Promotional Photos (8) 595 slogo

Greer with Mary and Marie.

In Consummation, Greer lends Mary a dress as she plans to elope with Bash but after Francis' return, Mary is forced to choose between the brothers and Greer lends her full support. Mary chooses Francis and Greer helps Mary get ready for the wedding.

In Dirty Laundry, Greer, together with the others, welcomes Mary and Francis back to the Court.

Reign Episode 201 15 The Darkness Promotional Photos (6) 595 slogo

Greer at the First Light.

In The Darkness, Greer watches as Leith prepares the various cakes and treats that were ordered for First Light Banquet, as men will often give pastries along with their candles to curry favor with a woman they want to be with. Leith mentions that Lord Castleroy ordered something for Greer and though the two kiss, it's put out there that nothing can become of their relationship. He leaves her with a letter from her parents in Scotland.

At the event, Greer attends Lord Castleroy's planned dinner for two, with Leith serving them. Castleroy points out that he avoided including pepper in the meal, since he knows that Greer wasn't that interested in it, and he wanted to prove that he was a man that had more going on than his occupation. Just as Leith pours them some more wine, Castleroy's sleeve catches on fire and Leith uses a table cloth to put it out; Greer checks on Castleroy before tending to Leith and Castleroy praises the boy's courage and selflessness.

The next day, Leith gets offered an apprenticeship in Spain by Lord Castleroy, which he accepts after Greer encourages him to take it and assures him that things are ending hopefully rather than bitterly. At night, Greer joins Lord Castleroy on the balcony and while she thanks him for his generosity in giving Leith the apprenticeship when she asked, she can no longer accept kindness from him and rejects his advances once again. Greer meets Lola on the balcony and explains that she received a letter two days ago from her parents that said they arranged a marriage for her, with her suitor pulling up to the castle as they speak.

Reign - Episode 1.16 - Monsters - Promotional Photos (8) FULL

Greer talking to Lord Castleroy

In Monsters, Greer is first seen with Lord Julien because they arranged to get married. When Lord Julien caught Greer kissing Leith, he calls their engagement off. Greer cries because rumors are spreading and she doesn't know what to tell her family members. Mary arrives to comfort Greer with Lola and Kenna. Mary and Greer both decide that Lola should be married to Lord Julien and Lola agrees. Greer also accepts Lord Castleroy's proposal.

Reign Episode 1 17-Liege Lord Promotional Photos 595 slogo (9)

Greer, Lola, and Kenna

In Liege Lord, Greer asks Lola how things are coming along with Julian, wondering if things are progressing to the point of him proposing. Lola explains that things are going well and they are getting to know one another but Julian has not yet made a move and Lola will be showing any day now. Greer suggests that he may need a push and Lola says she is willing to do just that. Following Greer's advice, Lola and Lord Julien become engaged and he announces their engagement to everyone in the room, causing Kenna and Greer to rush over and congratulate Lola.

No Exit-Henry Kenna Greer

Henry, Kenna, and Greer.

In No Exit, Kenna and Greer enter the room where Lola and Julien’s reception will be held. Kenna comments on the lavishness of it, commenting that her own ceremony was an afterthought. Greer wants them to be happy for Lola on her special day. Lola finds the two, showing them a necklace that Julien gave to her that morning. Kenna makes her bitterness known, since the jewels are huge. Greer questions why Lola isn’t ready, and Lola requests they wish her luck and happiness. Once Lola is gone, Greer tells Kenna that she thinks Lola and Julien will be happy with one another. She is reminded that she is the next to be wed, once Lord Castleroy returns to French Court. Greer seems saddened by this news, and Kenna reminds her that her reputation cannot afford a broken engagement. Greer asks Kenna how things are going between Bash and her. She knows Kenna is not happy that the Master of Horse and Hunt doesn't have money or lands, but Bash is young and attractive, to which Kenna agrees. She knows that Bash is trying, she is just upset that he has to try and is not yet over Mary. Henry interrupts them, telling Kenna that based on her dress which is floor length and completely covering everything, he knows that she is still trying to get his attention. He pulls her to him, kissing her and saying not to hide herself from him. He removes his crown, tossing it on a table and telling her it itches. When he leaves, followed by a servant who grabbed the crown, Kenna questions how her marriage will ever work with Henry following her everywhere.

Greer is seen with Kenna and Bash attending Lola and Lord Julien's Wedding. The next day, Lola is packing for her wedding tour with Julien and accidentally steps on the necklace that was given to her on her wedding day. When she picks it up, she notices one of the jewels broke. She shows it to Greer whom thinks it was repaired with a fake in the past and Lola should mention it to Julien who she is sure will have it fixed. Lola doesn't want to stir up mistrust in Julien, but Greer thinks there might already be mistrust on Lola’s part. Lola confesses that Julien keeps changing the subject when she brings up his parents or visiting Hungary on their wedding tour. Greer says that many people wish to ignore their parents, including herself. Greer tells Lola about his past, what she heard from her parents. Julien is a rich man with a castle in Hungary, who was married and widowed twice, gaining more money. He did gamble in his past but not enough to lose all of the money he has. Greer thinks Lola should be open with Julien, since they both have been so open in the past.


Greer's family

Greer's father and two younger sisters come to visit in Toy Soldiers. Greer introduces her family to her fiancee, Lord Castleroy whom disapproves of the way Greer's father treats his daughters. Castleroy gives the marriage contract to Greer to decide and arranges for her to oversee her sister's dowries and future husbands. He also gives her their marriage contract, letting her decide of when they get married. Greer is grateful and the pair kiss.

Normal reign120-0073

Greer and Mary

In Higher Ground, Greer is happy to have Mary join her for breakfast. Mary has been spending a lot of time alone, worried over Francis, and she’s a little miffed that he took men that were to help her mother to save French soldiers. Mary spots a guard with a scar, that she wants to gouge the eyes out of. Greer asks why, but Mary doesn't get a chance to answer when a letter arrives. Later, Greer goes to see Lola, and although she looks fine, she isn't. Her family has sent Julien the dowry that he’s been after and she’s worried. Julien married her before they loved each other, and that concerns her. Greer tells her that she married him because she was pregnant with another man’s baby, so they both may have ulterior motives, and if there’s a happy ending in long run, what does the original motivations matter. Lola hopes that Lord Castleroy is Greer’s happy ending, but she asks if she still thinks about Leith. She does and she hopes he’s alive and well.

In Long Live The King, Greer is comforting Kenna whom wishes that Bash would return to her from the Blood Wood as she does not understand why he feels the Darkness is his responsibility. Kenna asks Greer if she will keep an eye out for Leith, but Greer doesn't think he would return to court if he survived. Unknown to Greer that Leith will be returning due to saving Francis' life.

In Slaughter of Innocence, Greer is reunited with Leith. He shows her the paper from Francis and says he saved Francis’ life and he’s rewarded him. Greer tells him it’s wonderful but says she’s engaged to Castleroy. She tells him that what he has been given wouldn't allow her to take care of her family. He says they could live with them but Greer tells him it will not work and she needs someone titled. Leith says she has to stop piling all her problems on herself and says she needs to trust love, fate and him then leaves. At the spectacle, Greer tells Castleroy that Leith came to see her and she told him she was staying with him which makes him relieved. The spectacle was supposed to be play, but the ships are firing live cannon rounds. Greer is concerned and tells Castleroy that Leith is on one of them. One of the ships is struck and explodes horribly. Greer says she hopes he wasn’t on that one and Catherine is alarmed and says they won’t survive.

Later, Greer searches the bodies but then Leith is there and he’s alive. She hugs him, relieved that he survived. Leith and Greer are in bed but they haven’t consummated. He tells her they don’t have to stop and says he wants to marry her. She says she thought he was dead and he tells her she can’t let him go for money or her family. She says nothing has changed and that she only felt grief because she thought he was gone for good. He begs her to marry him and she insists she cannot. He tells her when she is alone and miserable, she should remember this is the moment she threw her happiness away. He says he will remember this is the moment she told him he was not enough. He says he will rise and rise until he is everything she thinks she wants but he will never be hers again. He leaves her crying.

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