In Kissed, during the preparation for the boating party, Greer goes to the kitchen and begins ordering what she wants the basket to be filled with, telling Leith that she expects the best. Greer tearfully returns the basket to Leith later, and the two end up sharing its contents while learning more about each other. Leith tells Greer why he switched to inside work and Greer tells him of the pressure she's under to marry well, as her sisters depend on her to raise their status. Leith kisses her, but she pushes him away, telling him that it can't happen again. Leith's later shown with flour on his cheek, marking him as the man that Greer will fall in love with, as predicted by Nostradamus.

In Hearts and Minds, Greer gets an extra costume for Leith at the party. Later, she tells him she wants to enjoy the remains of her youth with him, and they kiss.

In A Chill in the Air, Leith's determined to win her heart, but she's determined to think of her future.

In Left Behind, Leith teaches Greer how to cook, unsuccesfully. While the others are with Mary, Greer helps Leith serve the guests. When he's attacked, she hits the man with a frying pan. Afraid that she may had killed him, she turns away and Leith takes a dagger to the man so that neither will know which one of them killed him.

Reign Episode 201 15 The Darkness Promotional Photos (7) 595 slogo

Leith and Greer at the First Light.

In The Darkness, Leith and Greer are kissing when Greer asks when he will tire of kisses that lead nowhere, and he replies when she stops wishing they could lead somewhere. Leith delivers a letter to Greer from her parents. Later, he approaches her to tell her that Lord Castleroy has asked to share a meal with her. During the dinner, Castleroy's sleeve catches fire from a candle, but Leith is able to put it out. Caslteroy becomes suspicious when Greer shows concern for Leith. Leith later arrives to visit Greer, telling her that Castleroy offered him a place in Spain which will mean he will no longer be a servant. He's excited, but reluctant to accept as it means leaving her. She tells him that they both knew it would end, and tells him to take it. However, he tells her that he loves her. It's later revealed that it was Greer who encourages Castleroy to make Leith the offer and Castleroy, who has guessed that Greer cares for Leith, praises her for knowing that she must do what is best for her family.

In Monsters, Leith visits Greer once more to say goodbye. He comments on Greer's new fiance, Lord Julien, and she tells him that although Julien seems like everything she ever wanted, he's not Leith. Leith kisses her, but they are interrupted by Julien. Leith takes the blame and the guards take him away. Julien then breaks the engagement, leaving Greer in tears. Greer's relieved to discover that Castleroy eased Leith's punishment, giving him a place as a soldier, although he will soon leave for training camp. That night, Greer watches Leith leave. She wishes that he will turn and see her, which he does, and they share one last look.

In Higher Ground, Francis asks Leith if he has anyone to live for. Leith replies that he's in love with a woman but can never be with her because she's above his status. Francis tells him that he will give him land and a title to make him worthy of her, and then tells him to go and marry the woman he loves.

Finally reunited in the season finale, Leith tries to get back together with Greer as he now has a noble status however she refuses his offer and continues to stay with Lord Castleroy.

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