Greer and Lord Castleroy's Wedding
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General Information
  • The union of Greer and Lord Castleroy

The wedding of Greer and Lord Castleroy, occurred during Season Two in the episode, Blood for Blood.

During The EventEdit

Before the wedding Mary, Kenna, and Lola are amazed at the incredible decorations being put up, and Greer tells them that it's all her mother's doing as one of Lord Castleroy's younger daughters comes running and gives Greer a hug, and Greer fixes her hair. Later during celebrations outside the three ladies have fun splashing about in the fountain. While she is heading back to change into dry clothes Greer runs into Leith who almost spills about Lord Castleroy being a Protestant. Later in the castle hall, the whole court gathers as Lord Castleroy waits for his bride to make her entrance, and finally Greer enters in a beautiful gown with a gold/pearl headpiece holding her veil. During the reception while the new Lord and Lady Castleroy enjoy their first dance together as husband & wife they declare their love by swearing to always protect each other. The children join in as well to dance as one happy family.


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