Harvest Festival
Reign105 2181
General Information
  • Fall of 1557
  • Celebrate the Harvest

The Harvest Festival is to feast and celebrate the end of a good harvest. In the festival at French Court they write their regrets on a ribbon, tie it to a boat and send it off, sending their regrets along with it. This event takes place during A Chill in the Air.

During The EventEdit

Mary and all four of her ladies listen to a merchant who explains that ou write all of your regrets on a ribbon, tie it to a boat and watch as they sail away. Mary expresses how she thinks its a lovely tradition just before Sebastian calls her name. They joke about all the drama at court and Bash flirts with Mary. When he leaves Lola tells Mary she needs to be careful with Bash because he has feelings for her. When Greer is being admired by Lord Castleroy they send her to go greet him. When Greer is listening to Lord Castleroy she realises Leith staring at her she gets jumpy and walks into Lord Castleroy's glass of wine. When she runs away to get the stains off Leith follows her, she takes off her dress and gives it to Leith for him to clean.

Mary is approached by Francis, he gives her a boat that he made and named "Just Mary" . A guard then tells Francis that they found a frightened woman running in the surrounding woods and that she's asking for him. When they bring her in Francis realises that the woman is Olivia, who Bash tells Mary is one of Francis' old lovers. Francis leaves with Olivia to help find a place to rest and recover form the accident.

The next day when everyone returns outside to the festival. Kenna finds Mary and asks her why Olivia is staying at court, Mary confused tells her she's not. Kenna tells her that her baggages are being unpacked and that a servant also told her. When Kenna leaves Mary is joined by Catherine who tells Mary that Kenna and Henry are lovers.

Nostradamus calls Bash over to tell him that before the driver of Olivia's carriage dies he spoke of the first blood sacrifice. When Kenna returns to Mary with confirmation that Olivia is moving into the east wing. Mary upset, tells Kenna to be careful with the king. When Kenna leaves Francis comes to tell Mary that Olivia is staying because the Viscountess learned of Olivia's reputation and no longer wishes to host her. Francis and Mary argue on whether Olivia will stay or leave, Francis decides that she is to stay.

Mary leaves to go and join Bash whose sitting by the lake. Not long after their arguement Francis leaves to go find Mary, asking Lola if she's seen her. Mary still with Bash tells him all about her frustrations with Francis, Bash tells her that its unfathomable that when Francis has her why he would look elsewhere. Mary leans in and kisses Bash, she pulls away and tells him she shouldn't have done that. Bash tells her that she's right ge should of and he kisses her. Francis finally finds Mary when Bash and Mary are kissing. Mary hears horns and leaves because they are going to launch the ships.

She sits next to Francis while they write their regrets on the ribbon. They then bring their boats to the lake and launch them. When Catherine watches them she thanks Aylee for bringing her Mary's letters. After they launch their boats Francis walks away with Olivia.


  • Merchant explains the tradition
  • Mary and her ladies listen to the man
  • Mary listens to Bash
  • Bash flirts with Mary
  • Lola tells Mary to be careful with Bash
  • Lord Castleroy admires Greer
  • Greer goes to talk to Lord Castleroy
  • Leith stares at Greer
  • Wine spills on Greer
  • Greer leaves
  • Leith takes greers dress to be washed
  • Francis gives Mary the boat he made her
  • A guard tells Francis a woman's asking for him
  • Francis is reunited with Olivia
  • Bash tells Mary that Francis and Olivia were lovers
  • Mary learns from Lola that Olivia is staying
  • Catherine tells Mary about Kenna's affair with the King
  • Nostradamus tells Bash that the pagans were behind the attack
  • Mary and Kenna argue
  • Mary and Francis argue
  • Mary joins Bash
  • Francis asks Lola if she's seen Mary
  • Bash and Mary kiss
  • Francis catches them
  • Francis and Mary write their regrets
  • Catherine thanks Aylee
  • Mary and Francis send their ships off
  • Mary and Francis' ships
  • Francis leaves with Olivia
  • Mary watches them leave

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