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Is it just me, or does Diane look a little the worse for wear?
Henry to Catherine about Diane in Banished
Henry and Diane
Henry and Diane
General Information


Intimacy Level

Sexual, strong feelings for each other.

  • She was his official mistress
  • Relationship dissolved by Henry's death
First Met

Before Pilot

Portrayed By

Alan van Sprang and Anna Walton

The relationship between Henry and Diane. They have a son together, Sebastian.

Early History Edit

The affair between Henry and Diane began soon after Henry married Catherine, he was 18 and Diane was 38. Their affair went on for 25 years, and he depended on her much more than his own wife. Henry and Diane have a son together Sebastian who is Henry's favorite son though Francis is his heir. Diane was quite powerful in Henry's court, she was highly intelligent, and confident, so much so that Henry left her with the task of raising his children with Catherine, and when Henry participated in the jousting match that eventually killed him he chose to wear Diane's black and white colors instead of Catherine's.

Season One Edit


Gallery Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Henry and Diane's son, Sebastian, is Henry's oldest and favoured son even though he's illegitimate. 
  • Henry had been together with Diane for decades, as mentioned in Kissed.
  • Historically, Diane was significantly older than Henry.
  • In Banished, Henry said that Diane looked worse for the wear, that she looked too thin, and too old. He also said that he realized that being with her was a mistake.

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