House of Castleroy
General Information

The House of Castleroy is a fictional household that was first introduced in the first season of Reign. The current head of household is Aloysius Castleroy. They hold the title of Lord Castleroy.


The House of Castleroy is a French noble household that currently resides at French Court. They are a very rich family as the current head of household, Aloysius Castleroy, has made a fortune in international spice trade. He owns various spice houses across the continent including one in Spain.

Family TreeEdit

Greer Norwood
Lord Castleroy
Unnamed Woman †
Yvette CastleroyGemma Castleroy2 boys, 1 girl


  • Dashed lines denote marriage, engagement or a relationship that resulted in a child.
  • Solid lines denote blood relation.
  • † denotes deceased.
  • (I) denotes an illegitimate child.


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