Ice Festival
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General Information
  • Winter 1559
  • A mock duel between Francis and Louis

The Ice Festival took place in Banished.

During the Event Edit

At the festival, there is merriment as Francis talks with Louis about why he refused to accept the King's generous land offering. Louis gives his reason as that he disapproves of the King's rule, but Francis says that he knows that Mary is protecting Louis; however Louis says that it's sad that either of them should need Mary's protection and sadder still that someone wasn't there to protect her when she really needed it. Francis tells his cousin that his words are very unwise which leads Louis to challenge Francis to a quarterstaff duel.

During the mock duel, Mary watches with her ladies: Kenna, Greer and Lola who realize that the cousins are fighting over Mary. Louis strikes Francis, before he gets the upper hand and snaps Louis' staff, then in an unwise move Louis attempts to go after Francis but he is stopped by Mary and the guards. Later while the festival continues evidence comes forth that Lord Castleroy funded the radicals who attacked the castle, and that Greer is guilty by association. Mary later banishes her dear friend after telling her that she loses everything: land, title, holdings and her position as one of Mary's ladies. Mary begs Greer to take care of herself and bids her a tearful goodbye.

Gallery Edit

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