Isobel's Daughter
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Isobel's Daughter was born in the Blood Wood to Isobel Derant and an unknown deceased father. She was delivered by Mary Stuart and shortly after her mother died from loss of blood.

Season OneEdit

She was delivered by Mary Stuart in Sacrifice while Mary Stuart, Alec and Bash were trying to help her mother escape court. Shortly after her birth Isobel put a pagan mark on the baby's heel indicating that she was Pagan. Not long after her mother passed and the baby was taken back to court in secret with Mary and Bash to be cared for by Jean.

In Inquisition, Catherine made it her mission to find the baby in an elaborate plot against Bash so that he wouldn't become king. After she saw the pagan mark when Mary giving the baby away to Agnes to take with her to a convent. When Catherine's men arrived at Agnes' House. They take the baby and bring it to Catherine. When Catherine takes a look at the baby's foot the mark has already healed and she gives orders to send the child to a convent.



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