James Stuart
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  • Earl of Moray
  • Regent of Scotland
  • Protestantism
  • Alive
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James Stuart, Regent of Scotland is the older and illegitimate brother of Mary Stuart, Queen of Scots. He is the son of James V and his mistress, Margaret Erskine.

James is a bastard member of the House of Stuart by birth.

He was portrayed by English actor, Joe Doyle in Season One and the character was later recast in Season Three, currently being played by Canadian actor, Dan Jeannotte.

Early LifeEdit

James was born to James V and Margaret Erksine, thus making him illegitimate. Despite being a bastard, he was given a title and place in the royal household.

Throughout the SeriesEdit

Season OneEdit

In No Exit, James arrives at the French Court to inform his half-sister, Mary, of Scotland's situation. Marie is in trouble and he needs her to come help. He says her mother is French and many of her advisors are but the Scots demand Scottish leadership. She asks if it’s Marie’s rule he’s challenging or her own. He tells her Scotland needs to see their Queen and bow before her with pride and duty. He pleads with her to come home.

Season ThreeEdit

In Intruders,

In Spiders in a Jar,

Season FourEdit



James is very passionate and cares a lot about his country. He is also very decisive and exact in what he wants.

Physical AppearanceEdit

James is a man in his early to mid twenties. He has medium black hair and a small beard. He has brown eyes and pale skin. Despite being a bastard, he still holds a title and therefore dresses as a member of nobility in detailed clothing.




James Stuart has a photo gallery.

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