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Biographical Information
  • 1st Baron of Velay
  • Catholicism
  • Alive
Relationship Information

  • Claude (aunt/stepsister in-law)

First Appearance
Last Appearance

He will never be king, but he might be your only chance at being a father and I can promise you that raising him will be the singular joy of your life.

Jean-Philippe (English: John-Philip) is the illegitimate son of Francis and Lola. He was officially claimed by his father in The Lamb and the Slaughter, receiving the title of 1st Baron of Velay.

Season OneEdit

In Dirty Laundry, Lola finds out she's pregnant with Francis' baby. At first she tried to get an abortion but Mary stopped her right before the operation was about to begin. She went into labor during the season finale.

Season TwoEdit

In The Plague, the baby boy is being taken care of by his mother through most of the episode, when his father arrives to bring them to safety. His father mostly keeps his distance from him but when he starts to cry and his mother is nowhere to be seen. Francis holds him and decides he can't send him away.

In The Lamb and the Slaughter, the baby is finally christened in a ceremony where he is named Jean-Philippe Valois-Angouleme 1st Baron of Velay with Mary Stuart named as his godmother.


Francis Edit

Francis serves as his father. Lola kept Francis from knowing about his son. In the end of the season finale Francis finds out (with Mary's help) and tries to go save him and Lola from the Plague.

Lola decided to leave with her son away from the Castle on a boat but Francis denied after holding his baby for the first time.




  • Lola called him Robert, after her brother until he was officially named Jean-Philippe.
  • Mary Stuart is his godmother as well as his step-mother.
  • His full name and title is Jean-Philippe Valois-Angouleme 1st Baron of Velay.
  • Jean-Phillipe is fictional, since King Francis never had any children.
  • He is now an orphan, losing his father in In a Clearing and his mother in Spiders in a Jar.

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