This article is about the Historical figure Joanna & Victoria of Valois (1556) you may be looking for the Reign character Emone.

This article is about the Historical figure Joanna & Victoria of Valois (1556) you may be looking for the Reign character Henrietta.

Joanna & Victoria of Valois
Princesses Joan and Victoria of Valois
Princesses of France
Biographical Information
Gender Female Twins
Status Deceased
Born June 24, 1556 Château de Fontainebleau France
Died Victoria: August 17, 1556 age: 7 weeks
  • Joanna: Died in utero
Cause of Death Complications from childbirth
HomeTown France
Title(s) *Princesses of France
Family Information
Marital Never Married
Children None
Parents King Henry II & Queen Catherine de' Medici
Grandparents Paternal: Francis I & Queen Claude, Duchess of Brittany,

Maternal: Lorenzo de Medici, Duke of Urbino & Madeline de la Tour de Auvergene

Sibling(s) 5 brothers, 4 sisters & 3 illegitimate
Grandchildren None
Professional Information
Character Information

Princess Joanna of Valois (June 24, 1556-died in utero) and Princess Victoria of Valois (June 24, 1556-August 17, 1556) were Princesses of France, and the last children born to Henry II and Catherine de' Medici.

A new baby on the way Edit

In September of 1555, 6 months after giving birth to Prince Francis, Duke of Anjou; Queen Catherine discovered that she was pregnant yet again at the age of 36. This happy event occurred since Henry was still visiting his wife's bedchamber, despite having Diane de Poitiers as his main mistress.

The Queen's labor and confinement Edit

On June 24, 1556 Queen Catherine went into labor and confinement, and delivered a set of twin girls: Princess Joanna & Princess Victoria of Valois.

Tragedy & Heartbreak Edit

Princess Joanna was to be born first; sadly however she lay dead in utero for several hours and the court doctors had to break one of her legs to get her out or else Catherine would have bled to death. Princess Victoria was born next and thankfully she survived.

The Queen suffers more heartache Edit

On August 17, 1556 only 7 weeks after she was born Princess Victoria of Valois dies.

No more babies Edit

The Queen was crushed by this loss, and the court doctors highly advised Catherine that she should not try for more children since this pregnancy nearly cost the Queen her very life. King Henry after hearing this news, ceased to visit his Queen's bedchamber and began to spend all of his time with Diane.

Gallery Edit

  • Queen Catherine de Medici: Joanna and Victoria's mother
  • King Henry II; Joanna & Victoria's father
  • Lorenzo de Medici; the twins' maternal grandfather
  • Madeleine de La Tour d'Auvergne: the twins' maternal grandmother
  • Queen Claude, Duchess of Brittany: the twins' paternal grandmother
  • King Francis I of France, the twins' paternal grandfather
  • Princess Joanna, Princess Victoria & Prince Louis, Duke of Orleans
  • Coat of arms of the House of Valois

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