Bash, I am of many things. Enchanting, noble, beautiful.

Kenna to Bash

Normal Reign S01E01 Pilot 1080p KISSTHEMGOODBYE NET 0393

Kenna with the girls.

In the Pilot, Kenna along with Greer, Aylee, and Lola arrive in France and are reunited with Mary. The girls take a tour of the castle as they haven't been there in years. On the wedding the girls start to dance and have fun. After the ceremony they spy on the newlyweds. Then, Kenna goes to a secluded stairwell and starts to masturbate. Her two-finger tickle is then interrupted by King Henry, who offers to lend her a hand. After the night when Colin wanted to rape Mary, Aylee with Kenna and Greer look worried about Mary's virtue and Kenna looks uncomfortable when Greer mentions Mary's virginity. When they realize that Colin's dead, they try to solace Lola.

In Snakes in the Garden, Kenna approaches King Henry and tells him that while she’s considered his offer to be his mistress she must decline because there are men she needs to be talking to (rich nobles) who are concerned with her virtue and the matter of her virginity, because they’ll need to be 100% certain that any child she might have is theirs. He pays her a visit later on that evening to tell her that being with him won’t limit her prospects at all, it’ll expand them.

Kenna picture


In Kissed, while at a pinic with her friends, Kenna says that the best kisser she's had was a man and not a boy, since she doesn't want to wait until boys their age figure out what to do in physical matters. At the party that evening, Henry keeps looking at Kenna following an earlier encounter where she rejected his offer to have sex, citing the fact that as a girl, she needed more time. At the boating party, Kenna sees that the king has already set his sights on another girl due to her own unwillingness to bed him.

In Hearts and Minds, Kenna finally gives in and becomes the King's mistress.

In A Chill in the Air, Mary finds out that Kenna has been having an affair with the King. Kenna does not care about Mary's opinion and that she no longer answers to her but the King.

Kenna 1x06

Kenna happy of the new arrangements.

In Chosen, after hearing her friends’ warnings about the King’s love with Diane, Kenna decides that his word on matters is not enough. She wants his chambers redone, with every mention or influence of Diane gone. While she does have a point, she also hasn’t been seeing the King for very long.

Reign S01E07 Left Behind 1080p KISSTHEMGOODBYE 1585

Mary and Kenna afraid.

In Left Behind, Kenna is walking through the castle when she encounters one of the Count’s piggish men, who decides he wants to have a little fun (for him) with her. She protests, telling him she is the King’s mistress. That obviously doesn't work, but luckily the Mary strides in at that very moment, using her instruments of diplomacy to convince the Count to let Kenna and her go upstairs and rest. He allows it, but tells her he expects them all to be at his feast later that evening. Mary flirts that they’ll be there. Later, Mary and her ladies are escorted back into the hall with the feast. When Catherine sees them, she rises and goes to the chest full of gold coins. She asks Vincent if the money is enough, and when he doesn't answer she closes the chest. She begs him not to take her children, but he refuses and says he is going to leave immediately. Catherine asks what she could give him instead, offering Mary and her ladies. She offers their virtue, saying they cannot say anything since they will be ruined. Mary and her ladies hold on to each other for safety, calling Catherine a liar. Vincent passes Catherine and heads to Mary. Catherine looks at the hourglass, which is almost empty. When he reaches Mary, he apologizes, telling her he is not a gentle man before pulling her away from Kenna. Other guards surround Kenna, Lola and Aylee as well. The guard who attempted to attack Kenna from earlier throws her to the floor and begins to kick at her. The men start bleeding out of their facial orifices. Once they all fall to the floor dead, Vincent turns back to Catherine confused. Everyone ate the same food, and they drank Vincent’s wine, so he doesn’t understand how it all happened. Catherine tells Vincent that poison is an art and needs to be a surprise. Mary realizes it was the gold that caused the men to die, but Vincent didn't touch the gold. He pulls his knife out and attempts to attack Catherine, but Mary and Francis kill him before he can. Kenna is holding her side and her face is bloody, from where she was beaten by one of the guards. They ask Catherine why she didn't tell them, and Catherine informs them that she learned long ago that a secret only stays a secret when one person knows. She also admits that she wasn't sure it would work. Mary hugs Kenna, apologizing for what happened, but Kenna tells her she will be okay. Francis takes Kenna from Mary, saying he will take her and the girls to the infirmary.

In Fated, Kenna is laying in bed with Henry sitting at her side. She asks him to be honest with her, but he asks if she hasn't had enough pain as it is. Kenna is still showing bruising and a bloody lip from when Vincent’s men beat her at the feast before they were to leave with Francis and his brothers. Kenna confronts Henry, saying he has not be at her side and she has asked the servants about Diane, who told her they have seen Diane in Henry’s rooms. Henry says Diane is just a friend and giving him council. He’s looking away from Kenna, but she asks him to tell her the truth and asks if he loves her. Turning to her, he responds with being unable to let Diane go. He does apologize, saying she wanted the truth, but changes the subject to Vincent. He came back to the castle to find that a stranger with a vendetta wanted to end his line, but Kenna stops him. She admits that Vincent came for Francis, but they used brute force with her. She blames Henry, saying they only came after her because she became his mistress. Kenna’s angry, and crying, because she almost died and he chooses now to say he wants Diane. But he lets her know if she asks him to choose again, he will choose Diane.

Kenna finds a servant coming out of a set of rooms and asks if they belong to Diane. When she is told they are, but Diane is not there, Kenna tells the servant to let Diane know that the king’s mistress would like to speak to her. When the servant leaves, the Priest approaches Kenna. He tells her that he heard Kenna mention she is the king’s mistress, and admits that he thinks Diane is younger than he originally thought. Kenna is confused at first, but doesn’t correct him in thinking she is Diane. They have been communicating about Bash’s potential legitimization, and that he is sorry but they cannot continue since the pope is in favor of Francis and Mary’s upcoming nuptials. Kenna hints at Henry knowing, but is informed that he was kept in secret at Diane’s request.

Normal Reign S01E08 Fated 1080p KISSTHEMGOODBYE 1018

Aylee and Kenna

She tells Catherine of Diane’s plans to have Bash legitimized behind everyone’s back. Catherine says she will think about how she can use this information and benefit herself. Later, Kenna overhears Mary and Nostradamus talking. He warns Mary that he sees a girl, one among them, dead in a days time. Kenna steps from around a corner by the stairs and into the room, questions what he means, one among them. Nostradamus tells Mary that he sees Mary’s ladies gathered around a girl, he does not know who, but that she will be dead the next day. Kenna looks to Mary, clearly frightened, but Mary approaches Nostradamus. She asks if this fate can be changes, but is told it cannot.

Normal Reign S01E08 Fated 1080p KISSTHEMGOODBYE 1497

Kenna and Greer crying over Aylee's death.

Later, Aylee, Greer, and Lola gather around Kenna’s bed to talk about the upcoming wedding. Kenna has been delivered a drink seems she will drink it, but she then tells Aylee she can have it and Aylee then passes it to Greer while she gets something out of her bag. Aylee, who is apparently rich, gives them all presents for Mary’s wedding. When everyone hears a scream, it is shown that Aylee, who is bleeding profusely is dying and is telling her friends that she has to go home now. Mary, Kenna, Lola, and Greer are devastated over Aylee's death. Kenna looks over to the cup which Aylee drank from and notices something seems strange about it. Mary tells her surviving friends that she’s made a decision; she’s leaving. She’ll find a new alliance for Scotland. She asks them to come with her, but Lola tells her they can’t. She stands a better chance of getting away alone and it will be suspicious to Francis if they all leave. Mary says she’ll send for them when she can and they’ll all go home.

In For King and Country, Mary learns from Kenna that Aylee was poisoned, and that the culprit was likely Diane. Kenna’s theory is that the poison was intended for her, although Mary has a theory that runs even deeper, suggesting that Catherine was behind the poisoning.

Normal Reign S01E10 Sacrifice 1080p kissthemgoodbye net 1212

Kenna with Greer and Lola

In Sacrifice, Greer, Kenna, and Lola keep watch over Catherine as they try to find solid proof of her trickery. Kenna, the woman whose intelligence Catherine had scorned the most, ends up being the one to figure out a plan to incriminate Catherine; forge letters in Catherine’s hand and seal with instructions to kill Bash, then threaten to hand the letters and the knife over to the King. That alone would be enough for the King to begin an investigation, during which any of Catherine’s guards might rat on her.



In Inquisition, Kenna is being coached to give witness of Catherine’s adultery. Kenna is going to lie and says she caught them in the act, in exchange for Henry finding her a husband. Catherine comes in and tells Kenna to leave she and Henry alone. He tells her he as a line of witnesses against her and that she can’t stop him.

In Royal Blood, together with Greer, she is supposed to look after the princes at the masquerade party. They alarm others when the princes are nowhere to be found and together with Mary, Bash and Catherine go to find the two boys.

In The Consummation,she knows that Francis and Lola were together. She visits King Henry, naked under a robe. She wants to marry a noble and meet a suitor every week. She bribes King Henry through the idea of having sex with him.

In Dirty Laundry, Kenna, in her want to get married, attempts to woo the Archduke Ferdinand of Bohemia. The problem is that he is an extremely religious man who is after a virtuous wife. Kenna lies and tells him that she has not even kissed a man in her life. The two court for the duration of his stay. As he is about to propose to her, the Archduke's sister is pushed out the window directly above where Kenna and the Duke are sitting, ruining the moment. The Archduke leaves and Kenna is unwed.

Reign Episode 201 15 The Darkness Promotional Photos (2) 595 slogo

Kenna with Henry

In The Darkness, at Henry's request, Kenna reluctuntly takes part in a threesome with a prostitute that Henry bought. The next morning, Kenna awakes to the woman dead beside her in bed. Kenna immediately tells Catherine who promises to deal withe situation.

In Monsters, she is forced to marry Bash due to the madness of King Henry, though she begs him not to do this, she eventually goes through with it.

Reign Episode 1 17-Liege Lord Promotional Photos 595 slogo (7)


In Liege Lord, Kenna and Bash bicker, Bash calling her selfish and Kenna accusing him of still being in love with Mary. She tells him that even though they are married, he will never care for her as a wife. They both come to the agreement to at least start liking each other. Later at the party, Mary approaches Bash asking for help to sneak Charlotte, Catherine's lady to Scotland. Kenna watched the exchange looking jealous. When Bash finds out that Kenna betrayed her earlier promise to no longer see the King, he gets angry. She tells him, she did it for Mary as France has betrayed Scotland. Towards the end of the episode, Kenna is sitting in the throne room with Greer when they witness Henry hallucinating. He comes to where they are sitting and lies on Kenna's lap, insisting on her soothing touch. Bash walks in and helps Kenna get away. When she asks why he helped her, he replies that he will protect her because she is his wife. The two reconcile and walk together.

The ring

Kenna's wedding ring.

In No Exit, Bash gifts Kenna with a family heirloom ring and promising to try in their relationship. Bash was not happy when Henry started coming onto his wife again including having her ring taken from her which was given to Penelope but Kenna held him back to calm him down. Kenna agreed to help Catherine in another one of her devious plans but in exchange, Catherine offered Kenna and Bash a place to live and land of their own so they wouldn't be so tied to the castle. It was a good deal for them, included one of Catherine’s rings and Kenna got back the ring Bash gave her once Penelope was sent back to the kitchen. The two agreed that they were going to make the best of their situation and then they sealed the deal with a kiss.


Kenna with Mary and Greer.

Kenna's relationship with Bash has been improving for a month in Toy Soldiers. Kenna is first seen outside in the courtyard, having snowball fights with Mary and Greer. Greer mentions a time not too long ago where they were discussing their first kisses, and now three of them are married. Kenna informs her that she will be married soon as well, but Greer is afraid she will ruin things. Greer’s family is now broke, so she doesn't have a dowry to pay her future husband. Kenna mentions that none of them have had the best of luck with husbands.

Kenna goes to see Bash whom has been out searching for the Darkness. He tells Kenna that he stopped by their new home but it will need to be worked on before they can move in. He was also worried about the interactions between Henry and Kenna but she says she avoided the king and was waiting for Bash to return. They kiss and he stops it from going any further. She thinks he wanted a virgin but he only says he wants her experience to be different. He wants her to forget everything that came before him. He wants her to tell him what she wants, explicitly. Later, Bash and Kenna are bed and have not taken things further, but Bash still wants Kenna to forget anyone who even looked at her in the past that was not him. Bash leaves their room and sees Mary kissing Francis. He immediately goes back and kisses Kenna, removing her clothes and bringing her to bed. She thought he wanted to take things slowly, but he says he doesn't anymore. She calls him out on his actions because she knows he is thinking of someone else and like her she wants him to only think about her, both now and in the future.


Kenna and Bash

In Higher Ground, Kenna and Bash step in to help Lola figure out what Julien is up to after he refuses to be present for the birth of the child and Lola discovering that he is planning to take her money and leave her.

In Long Live The King, Bash meets a young boy that Bash brought back with him from the Blood Wood. He refuses to talk to Bash and is able to confide in Kenna. She uses her kindness to finally get the boy, Pascal, to talk about what happened him. He reveals that his family is dead and that the “man with sharp teeth” took him to the bad place in the mountains. With this new knowledge, Bash sets off with Nostradamus to find and kill the Darkness.

During the carriage ride back to Kenna and Bash’s new home, Pascal explains that his father was killed by a “bad man in the woods.” Kenna ominously tells Pascal that bad men always get what’s coming for them and are punished. Unknown to her that the man whom will Pascal's father was her own husband, Bash.

Re122b 0086b-jpg-b9a9e446-t3

Kenna protecting Pascal.

In Slaughter of Innocence, Kenna settling into her and Bash’s new home away from court with Pascal, while Bash and Nostradamus are out searching for the Darkness. Kenna hears Pascal singing the rhyme that’s written on the wall of the lair. He abruptly stops and tells Kenna that it’s way too quiet. Kenna sees that the guards have gone missing and the Darkness breaks into the house looking for Pascal to turn him into his successor by taking Kenna’s blood. Kenna locks herself and Pascal in the other room. The Darkness pleads with Pascal to sacrifice Kenna. Bash and Nostradamus burst into the house just in time to kill the Darkness. He does warn that if Pascal does succeed him, if blood isn't poured out for the pagan gods, then that will trigger the return of the plague. Bash decides to ignore this and axes him to his death.

By the end of the episode, Kenna and Bash declare their love for each other.

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