We're all basically fallen women--an unwed mother, a divorcee, eventually, and now a madam. So I say to hell with what people think.

Kenna about Lola, her, and Greer's lives

Normal reign201 1562

Kenna overcome with grief by Pascal's death.

In the season premiere, Kenna alongside all other people at court gather to hear Plague. She realizes that when Catherine says the ill will be treated with dignity she really means they'll be locked up. After the gathering she goes to speak with Mary, she tells her and Greer that she needs to be isolated and that Lola is having her baby and that there were complications with the birth. She goes to Bash straight after, he tells her that he's stored food in their chambers and that she should find Pascal and isolate themselves until its over. After looking for hours, she finds Pascal along Pierre Valent whom requested his help. He tells Kenna that Pascal was helping him. Kenna tells him Pascal is no servant and that he's coming with her. He insults her and they argue. Pascal tells her he'll help Pierre and return to their quarters after he's done. She tells him he doesn't have to do to it but he goes anyway. She again later finds Pascal, who tells her he wanted to return to her but the Pierre wouldn't let him leave. He tells her that Pierre started coughing when he helped him drink. Kenna turns to her side to see that he is in fact dead from Plague. She asks Pascal if its Pierre's blood on his shirt. He tells her he can't swallow and his bones hurt. Kenna comforts him, she'll take him somewhere safe but he must act as if he's not sick. A servant see's them and screams to the guards that they are sick. The doors are then locked with no way for Kenna to leave. She and Pascal sit between a door in the chambers. He tells Kenna about a dream he had, and Kenna comforts him. It becomes, quiet and she realizes that Pascal had just died. She hears Bash calling for her, she starts to scream his name. He opens the door and they caress each other. She tells him about the death of Pascal and he comforts her.

In Drawn and Quartered, she welcomes Lola back.

2 595 slogo

Kenna with Bash at the Tent City.

In Coronation, Kenna along with Lola have gathered with other noble ladies, with the topic turning to homes and material possessions. The ladies laud Lola for landing a new chateau for the new baron, a chateau filled with everything she could ever want, while expressing sympathy for the loss of Kenna's chateau with Bash, which was swallowed in the recent fires. While Kenna understands that she can't look down upon Lola for getting so much, since it'll make the baby's life easier than Bash's was, it still stings to know just how far behind her peers she really is. Later during the party, Kenna is approached by one of the women she met earlier in the day at the tent city; after expressing her regret at how their friends talked to Kenna, she mentions how her husband was responsible for deposing estates of those who passed in the plague. Since Kenna lost her home, the woman suggests that they work out a deal so that the King's Deputy and his beloved can have somewhere to stay.

Kenna shares the idea for a new chateau with Bash but it turns out the woman who offered them the deal is Lady Barnard, the wife of who Lord Barnard who Bash currently has a case on. The chateau now counts as a bribe and Lady Barnard's insistence on helping them shows Bash that he's on the right path. However, when Kenna confronts Lady Barnard in public about the chateau, she learns that the nobles hate Bash for trying to usurp the throne and that the only reason she and her husband are safe at court is Francis and Mary. Lose that connection in any way and they might be in danger, the type of danger that Lady Barnard threatens if her husband is charged with the murder.

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Greer and Kenna

In The Lamb and the Slaughter, Greer, Lola, and Kenna are outdoors relaxing. While Kenna and Greer give Lola gifts for her son, Narcisse and Estelle arrive at court. When Narcisse asks who she and Greer are, she's introduced to him by Lola. When the two leave the girls, they discuss how nervous Estelle looked. Kenna wonders if it is Narcisse or being introduced to the King that's got her so frightened. Lola tells tells her its Narcisse after finding a note that says "help me", which Estelle gave her. Later, she and her friends go out for a stroll, where Mary announces that she is with child. She proposes a toast with champaign for Mary, and in the hopes that they'll all be as lucky and fortunate in love. She and Greer later go off by themselves, when they discuss both of their relationships. Kenna tells her not to be surprised when desire outweighs reason. The next day she attends the christening of Lola and Francis' son.

Normal reign0205 0610

Kenna tells Lola about the Sex Journal.

In Blood for Blood, she, Mary, and the other ladies take a stroll in the ballroom which is being prepared for Greer's wedding. She later walks in on two women sleeping together in public. She asks them if they've lost their minds, doing so in public. They tell her about the mysterious Sex Journal they found and Kenna confiscates it. While reading it, Lola joins her and she tells her friend about the mysterious lover with the butterfly mark. The two decide to go on a mission to find out who this man is and if he would be a good match for Lola. When asking one of Catherine's flying squad members if she knew the man, Catherine walks in on them. She sees the journal and immediately knows what they're talking about. She tells them that she believe the man to be Lord Aris. Kenna and her fellow ladies then go for a stroll before having a water fight in the fountain. Later, Kenna finds Lord Aris and gestures Lola to go talk to him. The next day she attends Greer and Lord Castleroy's Wedding. Later at the celebration, when Lola is talking with Aris, Kenna gestures from behind the man to look for the mark on his wrist.

In Three Queens, Kenna tries to console Lola who's family has disowned her after they heard that the King has claimed her child.

RE207b 0218b 595 slogo

Bash and Kenna

In The Prince of the Blood, after having breakfast with Mary and Lola, Kenna meets Princess Claude. Claude is snotty to her, but warm to Bash. Outside, Kenna has a gift for Claude and Bash tells her that Claude does not make female friends and tells her not to bother. They flirt and he tells her he has to leave for court business. He tells her he loves her and leaves on his horse. The next day, Kenna complains to Bash that Claude is ignoring her. She asks what the issue is and Bash says she’s jealous and petty because Kenna is the most beautiful woman at court.

In Terror of the Faithful, Kenna shows concern when an injured Bash returns to the palace.

Normal Reign209-1370

Kenna with Mary and Lola at a party.

In Acts of War, Kenna is seen having a dance lesson of the tarantella with Greer and Lola. Claude walks in and Kenna is frustrated at the lack of communication between the two of them. During a party, Mary says it all seems to quiet and Kenna says it’s hard earned after the strife but Mary says it won’t last.

In Mercy, Kenna along with Greer and Lola visit Mary in her new chambers. Kenna and the girls learn that Mary was raped during the attack last night and she prefers not to be touched. Later, Kenna listens to Catherine and Claude arguring. When Catherine leaves, Kenna tells her she’s foolish for pushing Catherine that way. Claude says her mother hates her and then she tells Kenna that she’s nothing and says Catherine will do anything for her blood. At night, Kenna sees Bash carrying off a sick Claude and she is not pleased by it.

Normal Reign211-1540

Kenna finds out that Bash and Claude used to be together.

In Getaway, while walking in the hallway, she hears Catherine behind her talking to herself and when Catherine denies it, Kenna follows her to Claude's room. She watches Catherine wipes the blood from her Claude's nose before anyone can notice. Kenna goes to Bash, insisting that the soup didn't smell right and that Catherine has a history of poisoning those she wishes to do away with. Bash encourages her to gather evidence to strengthen or disprove her suspicions. Kenna decides to make daily visits to Claude with a basket of cheese and croissants. After getting rid of the several meals sent to Claude whom back in good shape, Kenna reveals Catherine tried to poison her but Claude refuses to believe her. Kenna's sympathy for her having a mother that plots her death causes Claude to lash out; she confesses to being lovers with Bash, completely taking Kenna off-guard.

Kenna confronts Bash about Claude and he tells her the complete truth. He and Claude were young and drunk at the time of the incident and she had managed to convince him, even if for a moment, that they didn't share the same father after all. He assures her that what happened is long in the past, but Kenna is more concerned about the cut on her husband's arm, laying into him for his continued avoidance of the truth and how emotionally unfulfilled she is after having opened herself up to him. He then tells her the truth about what happened and leaves it with the fact that he kills and lies to get what he wants.

Normal Reign212-2423

Kenna and Bash arguing.

In Banished, Kenna is informed by Bash that he has been given land and a title. As they start to have a moment, they are interrupted by Bash's mother who has returned to court. Near the end of the episode, Bash revokes his land after finding out that his mother killed Catherine's twin daughters, Henrietta and Emone. Diane tells Bash of Kenna being the one who told Catherine that Diane was in Rome last year when she was trying to get him legitimized. He could've been killed because of what Kenna did. Kenna is confronted by Bash and she admits that she did it because she loved Henry. Kenna gets back at him saying that he didn't throw away his love for Mary when he had it. Bash believes some things are unforgivable and sacrificing the lives of others for your own petty interests is one.

In Sins of the Past, Kenna wants forgiveness and understanding from Bash but says he needs time. Bash then goes off on an assignment. While talking to Antoine, she lets it slip that Bash fought alongside Henry in the Italian Wars leading Antoine to believe that his brother was killed by Bash.

Normal Reign214-2524

Kenna receives strawberry and snow cakes.

In The End of Mourning, Kenna is having fun with Mary and Lola, playing on their sleds. Antoine continues to pursue Kenna and Bash tells him to keep his hands off his wife. Kenna becomes upset with Bash and tells him that stuff like that wouldn't happen if he was around. Kenna tells Antoine to back off in a more polite way. Later, Kenna and Lola sneak off to see Greer who is now a drunk, living in a super sketchy part of town. During the night, an obscene amount of strawberries and snow cakes are sent to Kenna by Antoine.

Normal Reign215-1452

Kenna with Antoine at the ball.

In Forbidden, Kenna finds Antoine to return a ruby that he left in her strawberries and tells him to stop flirting with her. He asks for her help in planning a party to celebrate the renewed friendship between France and Navarre. Kenna hesitantly agrees. Later, Bash tells Kenna that he doesn't think that it is a good idea for her to host a party with Antoine. When he tells her that he has another task to handle, Kenna throws back at him to why she's not going to sit around and wait for him as this is a chance for her to do something. While planning the party, Kenna realizes that she doesn't have time to go home and change. Antoine suggests that she pick from the several dresses that he has stored. During the party, Bash arrives and is furious with her. He sent her a message to meet him but she said that she never received a message and both of them realize that it was Antoine's doing. Bash blames Kenna for putting herself in a position to be tricked. By episode’s end, Antoine informs Kenna that his wife is dying and that he’d like to marry her.

In Tasting Revenge, Kenna has been put in charge of a vintage wine tasting by Mary. Kenna runs into Antoine while planning the tasting and rejects his offer to make her his queen. When she sees Bash, he tries to get her to talk, but she emotionally shuts down and quickly leaves their chambers. She then heads to Antoine’s room and questions him as to why, of all people, he picked her to replace his wife. Antoine praises Kenna’s boldness and her sense of adventure, insisting that an annulment from Bash wouldn’t be much of a problem, yet when he kisses her, she pulls away and quickly leaves. During the tasting, Bash shows up and dances with Kenna. He asks her to go to Paris with him as he is ready to be the husband he is suppose to be and make her happy.

Normal Reign216-2355

Kenna breaks Bash's heart.

The next day, Antoine's wife arrives as Kenna secretly invited her to the tasting. It's revealed that Antoine's wife is not dying, she is pregnant. Antoine still claims she’s ill, but he also admits that he wanted revenge on Bash for killing his brother and doesn’t leave her without a bit of wisdom: Her marriage is already over; she just doesn’t know it yet. Kenna goes back to her and Bash's chambers to see that Bash has received Antoine's wife invitation from Kenna. She realizes that Antoine sent it to Bash to ruin their marriage even more. Bash starts questioning her and she is forced to tell him of Antoine’s proposal and the fact that she was ready to say yes because she wants a life that Bash can never give her. Bash leaves while Kenna cries.

In Tempting Fate, when Bash starts to head out for another task, Kenna tells him to promise her that he wil be careful. He tells her that she no longer needs to worry about it, since that’s a wife’s duty. They are still married, but Bash is planning to have the rest of his things moved out to the guard’s quarters. He asks her to resist the urge to have their marriage annulled by anyone who talks her into it. He knows she’ll continue to meet men who want her, but believes she'll be safer protected by his name.

Normal Reign218-1382

Kenna meets General Renaude.

In Reversal of Fortune, Mary asks Kenna to find Bash who has not yet returned. While riding in the carriage, Kenna’s driver appears to have a heart attack. When Kenna notices that something is wrong, she leans out the door to see what’s happening and falls out of the carriage into the snow. While walking through the woods, she finds a camp and tries to steal a horse but is caught by General Renaude. He figures out pretty quickly that she’s not a common horse thief and insists on escorting her back to the castle, even though she hasn’t located Bash yet. He promises to ask after him on his journey. During their time together, he shows interest in her but finds out that she is married and sends her off with a different escort back to the castle.

In Abandoned, Kenna goes to see Bash and feels bad, believing that he is avoiding being at the castle because of her. She finds out that he's been spending most of his time in the woods because of a female friend that he's made and he tells her that it's none of her business. Kenna talks to Lola, wondering about the woman he's been meeting in the woods. Lola begins to think she is jealous but Kenna claims that she doesn’t want Bash back because they will still have the same problems. Lola makes Kenna promise not to say a word about Greer's new place, no matter what it looks like. When they arrive, they see Greer looking fabulous and Kenna questions her on how can she afford the place and who are all the women that are there. Greer says that the women there work for her and she is a madam. Kenna and Lola congratulate her and they all toast to them being fallen women. Later, Kenna has tea with Lola and Mary. Kenna and Lola question Mary about her relationship with Condé, believing that it will not work out for them.

During the night, Kenna and Lola return to Greer's new place and are immediately mistaken for the new girls. They’ve thoughtfully brought the fabric that Greer wanted and Kenna spots Renaude there, sending Lola off while she stays behind to give Greer the fabric. Kenna gets all the gossip from Greer about various men and their perversions. When Kenna asks her about Renaude, she claims he’s only there treating his men after the monastery mission since they’re upset that unnecessary risks were taken, which resulted in the loss of the lieutenant. Renaude approaches Kenna and about seeing her at the brothel, but she brings up his rescue of rich noblemen’s sons above commoner’s. He tells her a choice had to be made, and he won’t apologize for securing his place and taking the money. Then he tells her a sad tale about his own son being kidnapped two years before, and how he doesn’t know if he lives or not. He mentions that her husband showed great valor in the battle, but then he noticed that Bash headed off for another woman in the woods. Renaude said he was glad it wasn’t her, since he doesn’t take things that belong to someone else, and apparently she doesn’t belong to anyone.

Kenna sleeps with Renaude in Fugitive after having sexual dreams about him and her desire for him growing even more.

Kenna 221


During The Siege, Kenna informs Bash that she wants an annulment so that she can be with Renaude. However, Renaude soon betrays the Royal Family and almost kills Bash after siding Elizabeth and Condé. Kenna confronts Renaude in the dungeon, believing he used her to gain access to the castle. But he tells her that he had no choice, once he found out Queen Elizabeth was holding his son hostage, and Conde blackmailed him into service. As his potential last act, he offers information about Condé’s armies to Kenna, to give to Francis.

Tumblr nog8opW4Es1sjq8ulo5 250

Kenna's last moment with the girls.

It is revealed in the finale that Kenna is pregnant. After Renaude's death, she tries to get back together with Bash by seducing him. However when Delphine reveals to Bash that Kenna is pregnant, he confronts her. He realizes that’s why she lured him into bed to make him believe that the baby would be his. She begs him not to abandon her, especially knowing what it’s like to be born a bastard. But he’s too pissed at her for lying, and says they’re finished. By the end of the episode, Kenna says her goodbyes to Mary, Greer, and Lola as she plans to go to Sweden to hide with a couple who volunteered to adopt the baby. She meets a teenage Russian king and suggests to him that they could be penpals and that maybe she could visit him in nine months with her sister's baby.

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