A Timeline of events in the life of Henry II.

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March 31, 1519 King Francis I & Queen Claude, Duchess of Brittany welcome their 4th child & 2nd son Prince Henry, Duke of Orleans at the Chateau de Saint Germaine-en Laye.

July 10, 1524 Henry’s mother Queen Claude dies at the age of 24 from childbirth complications. He and his siblings are raised by Francis’ 2nd wife Eleanor of Austria.

1525 King Francis is captured during the Battle of Pavia by his enemy Holy Roman Emperor Charles V, and held prisoner in Spain. It is agreed that Prince Henry & his brother Francis will be sent to Spain and be held in their father's place... they are held captive for three years.

Early 1533 King Francis proposes a match between his son Henry & Catherine de Medici the Duchess of Urbino from Florence, Italy.

October 28, 1533 At the Église Saint-Ferréol les Augustins in Marseille, Prince Henry, Duke of Orleans age 14 & Catherine de Medici, Duchess of Urbino also 14 are married in a grand ceremony celebrated with lots of jousting, dancing & gift giving. The couple would have 10 children 7 of whom would survive infancy.

1534: One year after his fabulous wedding Henry becomes involved with his wife's 35 year old cousin Diane de Poitiers who would become a powerful fixture in Henry’s life for the next 25 years.

August 10, 1536 Henry’s brother the Dauphin Francis III dies from a fever at the age of only 18. This leaves Prince Henry & his 17 year old Princess as the new Dauphin & Dauphine of France cementing that one day they will be King & Queen of France.

March 31, 1547 King Francis I dies on Henry’s 28th birthday leaving him and Catherine as the new King & Queen of France.

July 25, 1547 Henry is crowned King of France in the Reims Cathedral.

June 10, 1549 Henry’s wife Catherine is officially crowned Queen Consort at the Basilica of St. Denis.

June 27, 1551 The Edict of Chateaubriant is signed and calls upon the civil and ecclesiastical courts to detect and punish all heretics and placed severe restrictions on Huguenots, including the loss of one-third of their property to informers, and confiscations. It also strictly regulated publications by prohibiting the sale, importation or printing of any unapproved book.


1551-1559 Henry declares war on Holy Roman Emperor Charles V with the purpose of taking Italy back and making sure that the French and not the Habsburgs are in control of affairs in Europe.

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April 2, 1559 The Peace of Cateau-Cambrésis is signed between Henry & Elizabeth I.

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April 3, 1559 The very next day Henry signs this same peace with Phillip II of Spain. Two marriages resulted from this: Henry’s sister Margaret married Emmanuel Philibert, Duke of Savoy, and Henry’s eldest daughter Elisabeth married Phillip II.

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June 30, 1559 The Palace des Vosges at the Hôtel des Tournelles: Henry takes part in a jousting tournament to celebrate peace with the Habsburgs as well as the wedding of his daughter & Phillip II. Henry goes up against Gabriel Montgomery and is wounded when Gabriel’s lance goes through Henry's face shield and into his eye and brain.

July 10, 1559 Despite the best efforts of the royal surgeon Henry dies at the age of 40 from septicemia which resulted from his injuries. At the time of his death Catherine, his Queen was by his side, and she forbade Diane de Poitiers from entering the room. Henry is buried in a tomb in the Basilica of St. Denis in Paris, where Catherine would later join him. It is said that his heart was buried in her chest.

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