Since Mary, Queen of Scotland was a child, The English have wanted her country and her crown. She is sent to France, to wed its next king to save herself and her people, a bond that should protect her but there are forces that conspire, forces of Darkness, forces of the heart. Long may she reign.

Previously on Reign... Edit

Mary: I don't know if im ready

Helen: To leave here or mary the future King of France. You will wed young Francis, For your faith, for your people, for Scotland.

Henry: She's here doing her job and her job is waiting for me to decide when you should marry her.

Francis: What matters is what's right for my country.

Mary: You don't want to marry me.

Scene One - The Scottish Border Edit

(A young boy getting water from a well. He turns around to find an English soldier looking at him.)

Scottish Boy: We've no quarrel with English. We're just farmers, but... you're welcome to share our breakfast.

English Soldier: You're gonna need a lot of eggs.

(The boys sees hundreds of English soldiers making their way over to them on horses).

Scene Two - Nostradamus' room Edit

(Nostradamus making something when Catherine comes in.)

Nostradamus: A few grains should help you sleep. But only a few, and not every night.

(Catherine nods. Catherine notices that Nostradamus is having a vision: A sword being drawn, a hawk landing on a tree, battle pieces being moved, a soldier dying and his sword falling out of his hand.)

Catherine: What? Nostradamus, what are you seeing?

(Vision continues: Someone being stabbed with a sword, skin covered in blood.)

Nostradamus: War. In the cast of war.

Catherine: Where?

Nostradamus: I don't know. But wherever it is, it will reach inside this castle.

Scene 3 - By the Lake Edit

(Mary and her ladies in waiting are sitting together in the grass laughing.)

Mary: Ok, Kenna, it's your turn. Not your first but your best kisser.

Kenna: It was a man, not a boy.

Mary: Who? You must tell us.

Kenna: All I'll say is that there is no point in waiting for boys our own age who have no idea what they're doing. Either find yourself a man or... take care of your needs yourself.

(The girls giggle and Mary blushes.)

Kenna: Anyway, I think it's Greer's turn, isn't it?

Greer: My first kiss... is in the very near future. I'm not like you, my family is not titles, I can't afford even little mistakes. But... I think I found a man. He's tall, dark, and noble. Tomás, the son of the king of Portugal. He's here negotiating some kind of trade deal but he's taking his time about it and I think it's to stay with me.

Aylee: Greer, it's dangerous to get involved with a prince. You know they marry for alliances, your family are commoners.

Greer: Tomás is a king's bastard like Bash, favoured too but with money and land, I'm not a fool, I know a true royal would never look at me except to ruin me. I can take care of myself.

(Horse whining in the distance. A servant runs towards the girls.)

Servant: Your majesty, your uncle Claude de Guise is here and wishes to see you at ones.

Scene Four - Claude's room Edit

(Mary enters.)

Claude: You look well, Mary.

(Claude bows to Mary and hands her a letter.)

Claude: Your mother sends her affection. Read it later. You made me assured that the love is in there as is the news of a crisis in Scotland.

Mary: The English?

Claude: They're massing on the border. And these are not the normal skirmishers, they're out in number. They're looking for weakness and if they find any...

Mary: We must respond with strength.

Claude: Yes.

Mary: But surely my mother has send soldiers.

Claude: Of course, but not enough, we need more men.

Mary: Our strongest ally is France, King Henry will help us.

Claude: He's been asked and he's been slow to answer.

(Claude gestures for Mary to sit down with him.)

Claude: You were send here to secure the alliance by marrying Henry's son. Now they're dragging their feet. What happened?

Mary: Nothing happened. They're being politicians. Francis and his father aren't eager to commit to Scotland. They'd rather keep me in a drawer like a pair of... gloves for cold weather. And then when the weather grows cold for France, they'll take me out and I'll be wed.

Claude: They're afraid of what a permanent bond might mean. But right now we have Immediate problems, Scotland needs more troops. As queen, you must do something.

(Mary nods.)

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