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Leith and Yvette

In the season premiere, Leith and Yvette attend the gathering at court together to listen to Mary's announcement about the Plague. He notices Greer alongside Lord Castleroy, whom Yvette pointed out as her father. In shock, before he can say anything Yvette leaves and joins her father. He and Yvette meet up again after to talk about the revelation that just occurred. He tells her its over and that he wouldn't have pursued her if he had know. She tells him these might be their last days on earth and asks him to spend them with her. He tells him to meet her tomorrow so they can be together. Greer argues him about his relationship with Yvette, he tells her he was going to meet her and she begs him not to go and he doesn't.

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In Drawn and Quartered, Leith gets a visit from Lord Castleroy and Greer. Castleroy accuses Leith of choosing Yvette just to get back at Greer and accuse Leith of being the cause of Yvette's death, he also punches him. He warns him to stay away from his family including Greer. Later, Greer comes to him to apologize and he tells her not to come back. At the end of the episode, Narcisse asked for lands in exchange for Nostradamus' life, it seems the lands he wanted were Leith's.

In The Lamb and the Slaughter, Leith returns to court at the summons of Francis. Who apologizes for having to take away his lands. He's told that it will be explained when he and Francis share a draft, or ten together. He's offered a position at court, which entails helping Sebastian to which he accepts. He's later watched by Greer and Kenna from afar, when he's outside talking with other men. Later that night during the banquet, he and Greer share a dance. He tells her that since they'll be running into each other at court there is no reason for it to be awkward between the two and she agree's. When the two look into each other's eyes, Greer tells him she has to go and he's left alone on the dance floor.

In Blood for Blood, He and Bash go to tell Francis and Mary about the attack on the Protestants by the Catholics. They are sent to help, find out what happen and capture the guilty party. While on their way, Bash orders him to go find the Protestants and asure them they'll be protected. Its then he runs into Lord Castleroy, and tells the rest of the guards he's okay and a friend of the King. He and Bash later returns to court with the men responsible for the attack. The next day, he runs into Greer, and warns her she should ask Castleroy about the secrets he's keeping for her sake. The next day he unwillingly attends Greer and Lord Castleroy's Wedding to see if she would show up. When she does he leaves the room.

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