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Leith and Yvette
Leith & Yvette 1x22
General Information
Intimacy Level



Flirty Acquaintances

First Met

Slaughter of Innocence

Portrayed By

Jonathan Keltz and Sarah Winter

The relationship between Leith and Yvette.

Season OneEdit

Leith and Yvette meet in Slaughter of Innocence. He saved her from a flirty solider that kept bothering her. Leith has to reject her offer to get a drink due to his loyalty to Greer. By the end of the episode, Leith meets the woman from earlier, whose name turns out to be Yvette, and attempts to buy her a drink, though she rejects the offer, saying she has to go meet a man. However, he does not know she is Lord Castleroy's daughter.

Season Two Edit



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