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Liam was a minor character who had a one night stand with Catherine de' Medici.

He was portrayed by the actor Orlando Seale.

Season OneEdit

In Liege Lord, Liam arrived at the French Court with some other Scottish men to make an agreement with Queen Mary. During the party, Queen Catherine notices Liam and they both start to flirt knowing that they would soon have a short term affair. At night Liam and both Catherine share some sweet moments talking. He tells Catherine about the secret plan that Mary has in. Liam leaves but shortly after Catherine has her men assassinate Liam before heading to the brothel.


Liam seems like a sweet guy who cares for the ones he loves or even likes. He seems like a pretty humble guy. He isn't the smartest man since he couldn't even distinguish the queen. Even so he is quite outgoing and humorous.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Liam is a man in his presumably early 40s or late 30s who has dark brown curly hair. He has a scruffy chin, brown eyes and fair skin. He is very tall, slender and not very muscilar.



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