Lola with Kenna, Greer, and Aylee.

In the Pilot, Lola along with Greer, Aylee, and Kenna arrive in France and are reunited with Mary. The girls take a tour of the castle as they haven't been there in years. Later, Lola, is surprised when her love, Colin, arrives from Scotland to surprise her. She tells Colin that they have to ask permission from the Queen for him to stay in the castle so they run off to meet with Catherine. Lola is devestated of Colin's death and says that Mary's the reason Colin's dead, and says everyone around her is disposable, in danger. Mary insists that the girls are her friends and she needs them, but Lola cries that the other three are her friends, but they're Mary's subjects. Mary swears to protect them.  

In Snakes in the Garden, she is still grieving Colin's death.



In Kissed, she asks Nostradamus if she will ever love again and he tells her that she will meet a dark handsome stranger.

In Hearts and Minds, Lola comes looking for an update on Bash's condition and ends up being pulled to his bedside, as he tells her that he wants to see more her worried frown and she begins helping him drink some water. After telling him that she's known loss in her life and is only afraid of being alone, not of death himself, Lola is instructed to grab a book of Norse mythology from the shelf and read to Bash, something that will comfort him. Later, Mary has begun packing for Portugal. She is set to leave in two days and tells her ladies that they have the choice whether or not they'll be coming with her, since they didn't sign up knowing they would be going to Portugal. However, they all agree to stick with her and hope to give her the chance to be with someone that she likes.


Bash, Lola, and Francis.

The next day, Lola watches Bash practice with his sword, Francis arrives and has an epiphany when he realizes that had there been no ambush, Mary would not have had to accept the proposal from Tomas. Since the prince was rumored to be quite desperate to find a wife, having scoured the entire continent for a willing and able woman to help him gain legitimacy (and the Portuguese throne), they think that it was him that tipped off the English about the coming companies of men.

In A Chill in the Air, Lola warns Mary to be careful about Bash because of his feelings for her.

In Chosen, Kenna brings the other ladies to Henry's chambers and confesses that she's now the official mistresses of the King of France. All three have decidedly mixed reactions to the news, with Greer happy that Kenna is happy, Aylee extremely curious about how everything happened, and Lola skeptical due to how Henry is still so entwined with Diane. In fact, the tiles in the bedroom have Henry and Diane's initials on them and since their love affair has lasted decades, the ladies conclude that Kenna being named mistress won't simply make Diane go away.


Aylee and Lola surrounded by Count Vincent's men.

In Left Behind, Lola along with everyone else is trapped in the castle by Count Vincent.

In Fated, Lola worries about Mary's safety, Mary assures her that Francis is a good man and that their wedding tomorrow will be a good thing for all involved. Then Aylee, Greer, and Lola begin to dream up how Mary will look on her wedding day. Later, Mary takes her ladies to her room where they converse about this latest setback. While Greer doubts the validity of Nostradamus, considering that she's not fallen in love with a man with a white scar yet, and Lola questions whether this is a desperate act put on by Catherine, Mary can't get the thought of the lion and dragon fighting on a field of poppies out of her head.

Re108a 0409b-jpg-2e914589-t3

Lola crying over Aylee's death

The morning of the wedding, Mary's ladies gather and Aylee brings both the jewelry that her powerful family sent to France with her, sharing it with her friends, and a drink that features lemon, honey, and sage. Later, everyone finds Aylee dying and her final words are "We must go home now." Mary quickly packs her things, as she fully believes in Nostradamus' gift and doesn't want to risk the lives of anyone else she loves by ignoring his prophecy. Lola assures Mary that she should go at it alone, since she has a better shot of making it out of France without them, and Mary pledges to bring them all back to Scotland once she has a chance.

In For King and Country, Lola is supportive of Queen Catherine, considering the kindness that she's shown her, Greer, and Kenna.

In Sacrifice, Lola attempts to blackmail Queen Catherine into opening her gold and celebrating Bash as the next King of France, after presenting her with 2 letters each of which would be enough to open an investigation into whether or not she is responsible for the hit on Bash.

In Royal Blood, Lola is seen with Francis most of the episode. In the end they have sex. When he finds his mother is committed for adultery, Lola lies to him about not knowing anything about it.

In The Consummation, Lola is still grieving about her and Francis and doesn't want Mary to find out about it.

In Dirty Laundry, Lola discovers that she is pregnant and does not want Francis to know about this and knowing the fact that this will also hurt Mary. She decides to get an abortion, not caring how dangerous it is and makes Kenna promise not to tell anyone. However, Kenna tells Mary about what Lola is doing and Mary hurries after Lola to stop her.

Lola is on the table and the procedure is about to begin when Mary bursts in calling her name. She asks if she’s all right and tells the woman to leave them. Lola tells her she has to do it. Mary tells her it doesn’t matter and she understands. She says it’s not the end of the world and can help her and Lola says if she only knew. Then it hits Mary and she recalls that Lola arrived with Francis. She asks if the baby belongs to Francis and Lola tearfully admits it. Mary and Lola return to the castle and Lola says she’s sorry. Mary asks if she’s sorry that she slept with her husband or is pregnant. Lola says she was engaged to Bash and Mary says she knew she still loved Francis. Lola doesn’t want her to tell Francis and says he doesn’t know. She says if Francis finds out her life will be done and she will belong to Francis. She tells her that she doesn’t want to be his mistress. Lola begs Mary to keep the secret. However this event completely destroys Lola's friendship with Mary whom will never forgive her.

Reign Episode 201 15 The Darkness Promotional Photos (8) 595 slogo

Lola and Count Nardin

In The Darkness, Lola is hesitant to go the First Light Banquet, despite knowing how urgent it is that she be married soon. Mary has someone specific she wants her to meet, though, so she agrees to attend. They talk about how Lola will probably only develop feelings for him after marriage, and Lola points out that that’s only if she’s lucky enough for him to be interested. Lola meets Count Nardin at the event and he does express an interest in marrying her, because he has to be married soon or his dad’ll cut him out of the will. Francis goes to Lola later to try to talk her out of the courtship, he says because he considers her a friend. Lola tells him she doesn't mind if the marriage is only for convenience on his end and that she still wants to get to know him. He leaves it at that with Lola, but shares his true concern with Mary. He’s heard that the suitor ‘prefers the company of men in his bed’.

Mary goes to Lola afterwards and she’s angry. She doesn't like having to lie to her husband. She suggests that they just tell him and start moving past the whole thing, but Lola’s not keen on that. Mary tells her about her suitor’s sexuality, and Lola wants out but Mary does not allow that as she will tell Francis if Lola does not marry Count Nardin. The next day, Mary changes her mind and wants Lola to have some type of happiness in her marriage. Mary also confesses how worried she is about how long it’s taking her to get pregnant, as opposed to Lola who got pregnant after one night with Francis.

In Monsters, Greer's engagement is broken with Lord Julien because she kissed Leith. Greer says that no one has done anything wrong except Lola. Lola then tells her the truth and with Mary. Greer suggests that Lola should get married to Lord Julien. Lola finally accepts and will get married to him.

In Liege Lord, Lord Julien announces his marriage with Lola and its final. The ladies and Mary congratulate Lola. When they are done, Julien tells Lola about his past life. He says that his 2 wives died because of pregnancy and doesn't want that to happen again. Lola is afraid but tells him that everything's fine. Later on, Lola tells Julien that she is pregnant. He asks her who is the father and she replies that she doesn't want the father to know. Julien tells her that the marriage is still on and he will care for her.

Wedding of Lola and Lord Julien3

Lola and Lord Julien's wedding.

As Lola is preparing for her wedding in No Exit, she receives a sapphire necklace from her soon to be husband. At the reception, Lola gets tears in her eyes from how grateful she is for Julien rescuing her from a life of being owned by French Court. The next day, Lola and Julian are lying in bed, filled with bliss the morning after their wedding, when Lola’s suspicions are piqued by Julian’s odd behavior. He keeps avoiding the subject of his parents and estate, wants to stay in court instead of going on their honeymoon tour, and keeps “casually” asking about her dowry. While packing her things, Lola accidentally breaks a fine piece of jewelry he gave her and discovers the jewels were actually made of glass. She mentions her worries to Greer, who tells her that all she knew of him before the engagement was that he’d been married to two rich women who subsequently died, leaving him all the richer. Lola asks her father’s banker to hold off on transferring the dowry. That night, she asks him if he has anything to tell her. Julian proves to be quite the smooth talker, soothing Lola’s troubles while at the same time not answering any of her questions.


Lola, Kenna, and Greer.

In Toy Soldiers, Lola along with Kenna, Mary, and Greer are enjoying themselves out in the snow. They talk about how times have changed since first arriving in France. No more picnics in the grassy fields discussing the prospect of first kisses. Instead, Kenna is married to a bastard with an imaginary title, Lola is pregnant with Francis’ illegitimate child, and Greer is betrothed to a rich older guy after a fling with a servant.

At the end of the episode, Lola tells Mary to have faith as she and her ladies watch him leave with the armies. She says her marriage is a problem and says she will have to do what she has to do for Scotland and that he will have to forgive her.

Normal reign120-0438


In Higher Ground, Julien, Bash, and Kenna play with a ball outside in the snow as Lola sits to the side and watches as them play. Lola lets out a noise of pain, and the three immediately go to her side. She says she has been having cramps recently, and thinks it might be best if she lays down. Lola is laying in the infirmary. The nurse tells her that the baby is doing fine and some blood isn't anything to worry about. Julien tells her she needs rest and it must be difficult since she is sharing the bed with both him and the baby. Julien offers to sleep elsewhere, but Lola doesn't want that. She admits that she has been happy the last few months and she enjoys him over some nuns at a nunnery if he didn’t marry her. Lola wants Julien with her when she gives birth but he thinks she would do better with her ladies. Lola is upset and Julien tries to backtrack. But instead of explaining why he doesn't want to be there, he says that Lola is stronger than she thinks.

Kenna asks Bash to find out about Julien, as she wants to protect Lola's heart. Lola confesses that she has fallen in love with Julien, but cannot trust him. Bash finds out that Julien is planning to go on a hunting trip, without the necessary equipments and dogs. Julien is planning to abandon Lola, as he has received her dowry money. He married Lola for her money. Julien, however, changes his mind and comes back to Lola, saying that he loves her. He also confesses that he has no money of his own and promises that there will be no more lies. Julien makes her believe that with time, she will start to trust him, again.

In Long Live The King, Lola and Julien have moved into a new home away from court, complete with servants who complain about his self-sufficiency. Lola, however, wants to live somewhere further from court and Julien deduces that she's worried about what the child will look like, that people will piece together that she was pregnant out of wedlock; he informs her that it won't matter how the child looks or who it belongs to, since the two are together and, most importantly, happy.

Lola meets Julien's uncle, Bartos and discovers that her husband's real identity is Remy, Lord Julien's secretary. The real Lord Julien died in a fire in Bavaraia and when he put on his master's cloak/crest, people automatically assumed that he was the real Lord Julien. She's disgusted at the thought of marrying a grave robber, though he denies murdering Julien and pleads with her to help him get Bartos out of the house. Remi manages to convince Bartos that Julien was on the run from gambling debts he acquired, leaving behind a very angry and very pregnant wife. Bartos agrees to financially take care of Lola and the child - until he sees Remi wearing Julien's ring, something that his nephew wouldn't have left town without. Remi argues that he has the ring to keep Julien from gambling it away, Bartos notes that there are no boots or cloaks that fit his nephew; just then, Benjamin comes in and inadvertently outs both Remi and Lola, offhandedly mentioning that the man before him was Lord Julien and that Lola was his wife. Bartos and Remi then begin tussling, with the former choking the latter on the table. Lola comes over to try and break things up, but in her attempt to separate the two, she sends Bartos flying into the fall, an errant nail piercing the back of his neck and killing him.

Remi and Lola try to determine their next move with a dead man in their new home - though she tries to get him to flee with her, Lola ends up returning to court alone, as Remi burns down the house including the body of Bartos, and leaves on his own, opting to keep the woman he loves from coming into contact with the destruction he leaves in his path. Before they part, though, he tells her to never be alone while at court and to let the father of her baby, who will now be born with a name and respectability due to their marriage, see his offspring.

In Slaughter of Innocence, Lola goes into labor.

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