A Trope is a figurative or metaphorical use of a word or expression. This page contains all of Lola's tropes. Credit goes to TVTropes.

Personal TropesEdit

  • Butt Monkey - First, her love dies. Then she has a one-night stand and gets pregnant from it, meaning she has to find a husband very quickly in order to save face. When she finally gets married to a noble, he turns out to be a Gold Digger who was planning to ditch her as soon as he got her substantial dowry. He stays despite that because of his love for her, but then he turns out he's not really a noble but instead the dead noble's lowly secretary who took over the former's identity. She ends up planning to fake his death in order to cover up her Accidental Murder of Julien's uncle, meaning she has to return to court and face the probability of Francis finding out about his child.
  • Can't Get Away With Nuthin' - She sleeps with Francis once and ends up pregnant because of it. She's terrified this will ruin her and cause her family shame.
  • The Confidant - To Mary Stuart.
  • I Have No Daughter - She's disowned by her family once they learn of her illegitimate son being claimed by Francis.
  • Lady-In-Waiting - To Mary.
  • Meaningful Name - "Lady of sorrows" — fitting, as whenever it looks like she'll be fine, something comes up to negate it.

Situational TropesEdit

  • Accidental Murder - She accidentally impales Julien's uncle Bartos by pushing him off of Remy.
  • Chocolate Baby - She fears that her baby will turn out fair-haired, like Francis when both she and her husband are dark-haired.
  • Foolish Sibling, Responsible Sibling - She spends a lot of time getting her brother Fredrick out of trouble and paying his gambling debts.
  • Good Girls Avoid Abortion - She goes to a woman who performs abortions but can't bring herself to go through with it.
  • Maternity Crisis - In the season one finale, her water breaks on the way to court, and any midwives are unavailable. The baby doesn't come easily, and she fears for her life.
  • My Secret Pregnancy - Initially she tells nobody about her pregnancy, but later confesses it to her friends. However the vast majority of the court doesn't know this, requiring her to find a husband that will marry her as soon as possible, to keep her from being forever ruined.
  • No Guy Wants To Be Chased - Discussed when she mentions that she can't seem too eager to find a husband despite needing to.
  • The Lost Lenore - She wanted to marry Colin, but when Queen Catherine strings him along with a plan to rape Mary, he's executed. It's the source of her grudge against Catherine.
  • Surprise Pregnancy - Thanks to her one-night stand with Francis.

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