Lola and Colin
Colin and Lola 3
General Information


Intimacy Level

In love, Slept together


Ended when Colin died

First Met

Before Pilot

Portrayed By

Anna Popplewell and Ashley Charles

The relationship between Lola and Colin McPhail.

Season OneEdit

Lola and Colin were in a serious relationship beginning before the Pilot.

In Pilot, Lola mentioned that he would wait for her to return from French Court so they could be together. When Colin arrives at court its is a complete surprise to Lola to which she is overjoyed. He surprises her when she is taking a bath where he begins to massage her where they then share a kiss. When they ask permission from Queen Catherine if he can stay with her, Catherine talks to him alone where she found some way to make him poison and rape Mary. After that he was sentenced to death by being beheaded leaving Lola to grieve for her loved one.



  • In Royal Blood, Lola reveals she had lost her virtue to Colin, prior to the beginning of the series.
  • He was the first person Lola loved.

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