Narcisse 301

Weeks after Catherine's exile, Narcisse is still trying to pursue a relationship with Lola. However, Lola is still angry about what Narcisse did to her to please Catherine but also fears her wrath as well. Yet, Narcisse promises that he would protect Lola and he would never hurt her. Lola then questions him on who will protect her from him. When Lola finds out that Narcisse formally asked Francis’ permission to court her, she’s intrigued. But Francis forbids the courtship as he's does not want John having Narcisse as a father figure. Lola decides to give Narcisse a visit by taking a bath in his bathtub. Now that she knows she can never make the mistake of marrying him, she's fine with keeping things casual. Narcisse takes offense and promises to prove her wrong; marrying him would be no mistake and that they both know they are right for each other. He is willing to wait until she sees it too.

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In Betrothed, Lola goes to Narcisse after finding a rodent in her bath. She believes that it was planted by Catherine, plotting her revenge. Because of Lola's feelings for Narcisse, they can't be together. However after learning that Francis is dying, Lola confesses her love for Narcisse and finally begin a relationship. She tells him to be studious and trust her. He agrees and they can both get what they want. It is later revealed that Narcisse tricked Lola into believing that Catherine wanted to destroy her so he could finally get Lola for himself.

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