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Lola and Remy
Wedding of Lola and Lord Julien3
General Information


Intimacy Level

In Love, Care About Each Other, Made Love


Marriage Ended

First Met

Liege Lord

Portrayed By

Anna Popplewell and Giacomo Gianniotti

I always want to be there for you.

The relationship between Lola and Lord Julien. Lola was in need of hurrying to find a husband as she was pregnant with another man's child. Lord Julien was suggested to her after his engagement to Greer was broken off.

Season OneEdit

In Liege Lord, Lola decides to take matters into her own hands and get Julien out on the dance floor. Once in his arms, he tells her that he likes how unusually clear she is about what she wants; however, he worries about not being husband material due to his first two wives dying in childbirth, something that has made him swear off having kids. He quickly proposes as she accepts. She later tells him of her pregnancy.

In Higher Ground, Lola begins to get increasingly suspicious about Julien's actions. At during the episode Julien reveals that he his family has taken away all their assets from him, leaving him with nothing, but that he still loves Lola.



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