Lola and Remy's Wedding
Wedding of Lola and Lord Julien3
General Information
  • Spring of 1558
  • The union of Lola and Remy

Spared no expense for Lola's wedding. It bares no resemblance to mine.
Kenna to Greer in No Exit

Lola and Remy's Wedding took place when Remy was still pretending to be Lord Julien. Lola had no knowledge of this when she married him. They married quickly to hide the fact that Lola was pregnant out of wedlock and Remy married her for her dowry so he could live off the money.

During The EventEdit

Shortly before the wedding takes place the castle hall is seen being set up for the celebrations; Lola and Lord Julien (Remy) are getting married after he proposes to her in Liege Lord despite him knowing that she is pregnant, and cannot say who the father is. After the ceremony there is much dancing and celebrating the happy couple Lola in her beautiful gown wearing a necklace her new husband gave her as a gift. Lola expresses to Lord Julien (Remy) how happy and grateful she is that he married her despite her "situation."


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