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Lord Darnley
Biographical Information
  • Lord Darnley
  • Master of Lennox
  • King of Scotland (consort)
  • Catholicism
  • Alive
Relationship Information
Portrayed By
First Appearance

I'm thinking of you. Of carrying on your legacy.
Lord Darley to Mary in Playing with Fire

Lord Darnley, Henry Stuart, a nobleman with a blood-claim to the English throne. He hopes to become Mary’s second husband, a union which “could take down Elizabeth, giving the couple not just one nation, but two.

Early LifeEdit

Throughout the SeriesEdit

Season FourEdit


Much like the late, great Francis, Darnley has a “wildly ambitious mother whose love hinges entirely on his ability to secure a crown,” though his own ambition should not be underestimated.”

Physical AppearanceEdit




  • He will be one of Mary's new love interests in Season Four.
  • He is Mary's half-cousin, as they share a grandmother, Margaret Tudor. Margaret married in 1503 to James IV, and their son was Mary's father. Margaret married for the second time to Archibald Douglas, and their daughter was Darnley's mother.
  • He was named Henry by his mother, who named him after her uncle, Henry VIII.
  • His mother, Margaret Douglas, was once chosen by Mary I to be her successor instead of Elizabeth I or Mary.
  • His full name is Henry Stuart, Lord Darnley.
  • His claim to the English throne is through his mother and his claim to the Scottish throne is through his father, Matthew Stuart.


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