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I'm head of the king's privy council for two reasons: I know how to manage men and I know how to pick the winning side.
Lord Hurgo to Sebastian and Mary in Royal Blood
Lord Hugo is a noble who is the head of the king's privy council. At first he tried to plot with Catherine to get rid of Bash but eventually switched sides, since he saw it as the winning one.

He is portrayed by Canadian actor Ted Atherton, he made his first appearance in the episode Sacrifice.

Season OneEdit

In Sacrifice, Lord Hugo attends the proceedings in the throne room. They eventually learnt that he plotted with Catherine to have Isobel Derant brought in for questioning and see Bash's reaction. If that did not work he also organized a peasant woman to attack Bash, that also failed.

When he goes to meet Cathrine in the tower she's angry at the fact that their plan to get rid of Bash has failed. When she asks why he tells her that its because he has a body guard.

In Royal Blood, Bash when accompanied by Mary asks Lord Hugo if there is a way to keep Charles and Henry III safe. Lord Hugo replies that he marvels how he could have been brought up at court and still understand it so poorly. Bash tells hi he know the notion of him being king disappoints him. Lord Hugo however tells him it did at one point but he switched sides since he thinks Bash is on the winning one. When Bash and Mary return from the Frost Fair, Lord Hugo tells them that they found a man hiding in the woods who had a rope and two burlap sacks. He tells them that he'll question the man to get any other information.


Lord Hurgo is determined, cunning, devious and versatile. He often switches sides as he said he always picks the winning side and when he picks that side he'll do whatever it takes for it to succeed.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Lord Hugo is a man probably in his mid to late forties. Whom has light brown wavy hair, a scruffy beard and blue eyes. He dresses in fancy and intricate clothing since he is a lord and also the head of the privy council.



  • Mary and Bash talking to Lord Hugo

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